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  1. I backpack with my dogs. I now have a Kelty dog pack for my Border Collie mix. I am looking for a pack for my 1 year old Border Collie for our impending trip this summer. She is classic BC: lithe, about 43 pounds and thin. I am not happy with the Kelty for a number of reasons. Does anyone have any experience with a pack for a "classic" Border Collie. I'm not looking for her to carry alot of weight. I find that when my other dog has his pack on he has a "job to do" and is more in tune to the hike. Brynn will carry dry food and a light plastic bowl.
  2. Thanks for all of the help from everyone. I went to the Tractor Supply store on Friday on the way home from my herding lesson. I wanted to get in the lesson before the snow storm hit NJ. I got a 30 lb bag of TOTW for $42. It was on special, normally $46. That's still a lot better than paying list price like I had been. In NJ things are very expensive and, as I'm sure you know we are being taken over by the "box" pet stores. They are no bargain! I feel much better about the amount I'm spending now.
  3. Congratulations, I love stories like this.
  4. I had a similar situation many years ago. I couldn't figure out why my dog was gaining weight. I agree with the poster who said give the gentleman some of your own treat and explain the situation. I kind of think it is nice that he likes your dogs and wants to spend time with them. Think of the alternative, neighbors who hate dogs and complain. Embrace the situation in a positive way and both you and your dogs and a nice friend.
  5. Does anyone buy their food online. I have two dogs, I know many of you have multiple dogs households, and feed them Taste of the Wild. There can be sizable savings and free shipping if you buy online. Anyone have any experience with this and if so any company they are happy with.
  6. I've had my new BC puppy for about a month. She came from parents with a strong Sheep Trial background. The pup is already herding our cats but they are quite dog savvy. My question: the puppy jumps up and nips our adult Border Collie around the face. In the woods she runs along side of him and, again, jumps up and nips him. How much of this is "typical" BC puppy behavior or simple puppy behavior. Any ideas on how to effectively deal with with it.
  7. I Skijor with my Border Collie in northern New Jersey. It is great exercise for him and alot of excitement for me. The only problem is he is headstrong and will go off trail when he picks up the scent, or sight, of deer or squirrels. That's where the quick release comes in handy.
  8. I love reading and would like a nice, inspirational book with Border Collies as a main theme. I just ordered Nop's Trial. I will never read a book by Jon Katz so please don't recommend anything he has written, even if you did enjoy it. I was thinking "The Border Collie Wars". It can be fiction or non-fiction. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  9. My wife and I had been approved by a couple of rescue groups for a dog and they then backed out or just gave the dog to someone else. We were so frustrated that we gave up on rescue groups. By chance a BC was dumped at the township shelter we volunteer at. He was abused, emaciated and had tapeworms. He is still aggressive toward men. We continue to have him trained by a BC specialist. Our two acres of property border hundreds of acres of state watershed and I am in the woods with him every day after school. I have him in "doggie day care" twice a week for socialization. My point is we provide a wonderful home for him. He is treated like a king and returns it in kind to me. We were refused by rescue groups and we have given him a wonderful life. I'm looking for another rescue and anticipate the same treatment. I appreciate what others have gone through and in many cases I think people in these groups have a problem letting go.
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