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The proper purpose of sheepdog training

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This is a hoot - I have enjoyed it, and so has everyone I have shared it with.


Donald's topic title is what caught my eye and my interest - I was ready for a good discussion...

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I saw this video on FB and I loved every bit of it. I love British pubs too :D . What I really liked about the movie was that they really went through a great deal of filming tricks to make it look like the dog was working the people.



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I think it must have taken a bit of work to put that film together. Obviously the dog/s were not working the people. I saw at least two different dogs. They showed a different dog come around after the fetch panels. Also the dog after gathering the stray that went around the "dancing girls" looked like it was going after a laser pointer. Most excellent work. Although I do think the "pen" was a bit too easy as the faux sheep definitely wanted to go into the pen! I did enjoy that video!

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