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The new member to our family, 'Brock' biggrin.gif I don't have him yet, he'll be here towards the end of the month. He's 8 weeks old. Crate trained, sleeping thru the night (I feel like I'm talking about a baby lol) and enjoys both a raw and kibble diet. I sure hope I can do him justice in the future! Of course I will post pics when he's actually here.



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I am NOT going to be able to sleep tonight! I get my boy tomorrow! I will be watching the clock all morning until it's time to leave around 1pm. I have cleaned the house, got rid of all the stuff that he could/might get into, moved most of my sons toys into another room, and got his kennel, food and toys all set up in our room :) I feel like I've nested all over again to prepare for him to come lol

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Are you waiting for a call to go and meet someone or to pick him up?


Both! She last emailed me on Monday to let me know her plans to come down and asked where I could meet her etc. She said she would email me to finalize everything but I haven't heard from her :( I hope everything is OK. I know she had doctor's appt's and labs to take care of before she left town.

I'm just super anxious wanting to get my pup and I don't even know if she's even coming today. I hate waiting.

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