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Scott Glen SECOND online sheepdog training course

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I'm subscribed and watched the first in the series. I didn't know the second one was out yet. I can't figure out how to get to it though. When I click the link all I get is a page to sign up (and if I put my name in it says I'm already subscribed) but I can't find a sign on link or figure out how to get back to the videos. I bookmarked that first one (and that link still works) but nothing on that page points me to the second one. Do they send you an e-mail link or something?

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They do send an email link. For everyone who wants to sign up and take advantage of this offer (the series is pretty great), go to http://www.sheepdogtrainingcourses.com. Kristen, the first course is still available for viewing, and I imagine all three courses will be up for the duration of the three weeks, but they may take it down after that. Diana, you may need to contact Geri directly if you're having any problems viewing or use the contact form on the site.

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Good morning, I can' tell you how amazing it is to hear all the excitement you folks have for the free penning course with Scott Glen. Suki, thank you for helping pass information yesterday. It is as she wrote, after registering at www.sheepdogtrainingcourses.com for the course......emails will be sent out weekly for each of the series. It is day and time sensitive meaning, it will come to you exactly one week after you registered and recieved your first emailed session. People who register today will receive week one while those of you who registered on the very first day are into week two. It is an automated system that allows people to participate and savor the sessions without feeling rushed or that something was missed. And do save those emails or bookmark the link as this will be up and viewable for a while. We do not have a date to take them down as of yet as people are still showing interest in this free course. Hope you all are enjoying the teaching by Scott Glen. I know I sure had a great time working with the Glenns on this project. Information about Scott Glen's courses that will be available to purchase will be coming out soon. We are hoping to start our first course sometime in the early March. Also, rembmer to tell your friends to sign up at the web site for the penning course. We have a great give-away with the winner being drawn from the names of those who sign up. Enjoy and again, thank you for all your support and participation!


Lora Withnell

Little Horse Mountain Productions


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I originally posted this in videos, and I understand if nobody wants to comment on someone else's training, but just in case someone can shed light on this...


Toward the end of the Scott Glen video on penning, the dog is having trouble taking the command "come by", but rather tries a number oftimes to go the opposite direction. For the most part through the video, the dog is remarkably agile and responsive to the handler's commands to change position. It is only toward the end it appears to go a bit awry, and around that time the handler is talking about having her do an "off balance flank to the left", which is what she seems to have difficulty with. Am I reading this right? Is she having difficulty because taking the command puts her position uncomfortably off balance, and she is trying to get back to that position? Or, is there another explanation?

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I think it is an uncomfortable position for her. plus this takes quite some time and she is likely used to doing things...ok, enough just lying here, no action, time to make a plan for myself.


Off balance inside flanks are tough. She could have been getting tired as well, we don't really know how long this segment took to tape.


In a less trained dog I would attempt to make the flank easier to do if they had tried to do the wrong one 3 times in a row. In a well trained dog I would insist



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