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  1. Hey all, I am excited to host a one day shedding clinic with Derek Fisher. I am located just outside of Salem, Oregon. The date of the clinic is Wednesday July 11, 2012. For more details please contact me at lora@rockingdogranch.com. Limited to 10 working spots. Derek will be in Scio, Oregon judging Sheepthrillz July 12-15. Check out www.wolston.com for trial information. Hope to see you all in Oregon and July! Lora
  2. Good morning, I can' tell you how amazing it is to hear all the excitement you folks have for the free penning course with Scott Glen. Suki, thank you for helping pass information yesterday. It is as she wrote, after registering at www.sheepdogtrainingcourses.com for the course......emails will be sent out weekly for each of the series. It is day and time sensitive meaning, it will come to you exactly one week after you registered and recieved your first emailed session. People who register today will receive week one while those of you who registered on the very first day are into week two. It is an automated system that allows people to participate and savor the sessions without feeling rushed or that something was missed. And do save those emails or bookmark the link as this will be up and viewable for a while. We do not have a date to take them down as of yet as people are still showing interest in this free course. Hope you all are enjoying the teaching by Scott Glen. I know I sure had a great time working with the Glenns on this project. Information about Scott Glen's courses that will be available to purchase will be coming out soon. We are hoping to start our first course sometime in the early March. Also, rembmer to tell your friends to sign up at the web site for the penning course. We have a great give-away with the winner being drawn from the names of those who sign up. Enjoy and again, thank you for all your support and participation! Lora Withnell Little Horse Mountain Productions www.sheepdogtrainingcourses.com
  3. I am very excited about the brand new and innovative on-line sheepdog training course being presented by 11 time USBCHA Champion Alasdair MacRae and his wife Patricia. You won’t want to miss this quick YouTube promotional video http://youtu.be/UMFJNdhmoJ4 For all the details go to www.sheepdogtrainingcourses.com Cheers to training dogs! Lora
  4. Hey guys! Patrick Shannahan has a new training DVD. It is part one of a four part series called Building a Winning Team. A limited supply of this first DVD, Off to a Good Start, will be available at the Finals. Or you can order them on-line at www.bcollies.com, www.patrickshannahan.com, or Border Collies in Action. Happy Training! Lora
  5. Jack Knox will be teaching a day of private lessons south of Salem, Oregon on Thursday, June 3rd. Lesson fees are $70 for a half hour, $100 for a full hour. To make your reservation please contact Lora Withnell at lora(at)rockingdogranch(dot)com I look forward to hearing from you...... Lora
  6. Hey guys! Check out the USBCHA Blog site for the latest entry.......An interview with Alasdair MacRae...thanks to Patricia!!!! http://2009nationalsheepdogfinals.blogspot.com/ Enjoy........ See you at the finals! Lora
  7. Greetings! The 2009 Sheep Thrillz stock dog trial and fiber festival July 2-5 will be the largest event Wolston Farm has ever held. Four days of Sheepdog competition, three days of fiber festival, all culminating in the ultimate challenge of a double lift Championship trial with qualifying for the Soldier Hollow Classic on the line.This year the sheep are being provided by a local sheep operation. The field will be newly mowed. The exhaust pen is tarped and leads to a beautiful new setout pen for the novice classes leading to another tarped area for the open set out. The trial and festival will be preceded by a herding clinic on June 30-July 1 with Beverly Lambert, one of the most successful sheepdog trainers and handlers in the country over the past decade. Entry forms are at www.sheepthrillz.com Entries close June 13th so be sure and get your entries in the mail ASAP! Please join in the fun! Look forward to see you all in July!
  8. I really enjoy this forum.....for the most part What I get, is the opportunity to hear how folks train their dogs. Then I get to think on it...and see how it applies to my dogs. Sort of like a free clinic....and I get to pick and choose what I want to try...or not. When I read that Lana puts a down on her dogs before they get to stock...I heard..."Lana puts a down on her dog off stock".....and by no means did I hear that I should or should not. Same with dogs being methodical.....and again regarding respect. Thank you Lana, a handler that has gone before me, for sharing what is on your mind as you begin to train your dogs. It really is good stuff to think about as I take my dogs to sheep! I can not tell you how much I appreciate it when people I respect take time to share how they train, answering questions I don't even know how to ask. I think this forum started so that "little hats" could sit and listen to "big hats" and think and learn. I wish more top open handlers would come and share......but I can certainly see why they don't! The topic of "Training goals and timelines, How do you guys gauge it?" does not seem to have one "right" answer. I think that (no one right answer) is very apparent in the book "Top Trainers Talk about Starting a Sheepdog". There are similarities between some...but each trainer has their own way...and they all work for each trainer. I think there are many ways to train a dog.....and it is our journey to find our own. But that journey is made easier with top handlers sharing what they know. My advice to the original poster.....get the book I mentioned....and there are a few DVDs that have great footage of dogs starting and the journey...Derek Scrimgeours Shepherds Pup comes to mind...where you get to see a lot of dogs in different places of training along the journey of heading to trained. Continue to work with people you respect...go to trials and watch how people handle their dogs.....learn, be open minded, you will find your way! Respectfully and with much thought and appreciation......
  9. When I bought the ranch(ette) I did have the soil tested and have done so every other year...applying just what was recommended and made special for the land. I also have a manure spreader and each fall...all the fields get nice rich composted material. I do not see selenium issues until I lamb and they have become fewer...so I know I am headed in the right direction. And BTW it was the fertilizer company that said we could add selenium to the place....I was like Bill....thinking it might not be the best use of my money...and also wanting some data on the effectiveness of field application. The lamb looked better yesterday....actually chewing her cud. The vet had me switch her to nuflor and add in some banamine. I probably won't know if it was joint ill or selenium deficiency with a secondary infection but I am headed in the right direction!! Again, I really appreciate this board!
  10. Bill, I am in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Known to be selinium deficient...but I feel my place was mis-managed, pasture management wise, for years before I bought it. I am not sure how that affects selinium/calcium...but I do know I have a problem. Just not sure of the best way to solve it.......
  11. Becca, that would totally make sense...I talked to my vet today and since the joints are not swollen he did not think it was joint ill...but her not eating, laying down all the time along with the stiff legs.....made him suspicious! Man oh man is it hard to tell the two diseases apart...without expensive vet exams. She is responding to the antibiotic (and i did shoot her with multi B yesterday...also gave her some probiotics)...because her appetite is back, she was also much more difficult to catch today....those sore legs work well when she is fleeing! My llama is due for her yearly worming and shots.....so I will have him take a look at her on Monday if things are not significantly better.....I will keep you posted on the outcome. No matter....I gotta get a better program for selinium.....this is ridiculous. Does anyone know......besides just being lacking in the area...what things decrease selenium in the environment? I've heard you can apply it to the property but I wonder about cost effectiveness and also longevity of problem solving......I need to investigate more. My place used to be a very poorly run cow dairy....and then had horses on it. When I took it over, it had rested fallow for a good 10 years......but no soil improvement had been done to replace that which was taken out with a field of alfalfa and grass grazing.
  12. Thanks Bill....never heard of this before...and it really looks like white muscle. I've caught her for dose two of pen tonight and her joints are not hot, nor do they seem swollen....but she seems very stiff legged...really bad on back right leg...and lays around a lot. I am worried I might have not got this figured out in time...but tonight she was nursing more and aggressively then I have seen all past 7 days....so maybe she is beginning to respond. Does it hurt to give them a little more pen then you suggested? I know sometimes in infections in people...they will increase the dose for a more aggressive approach. Also do you know if a little Banamine would be helpful in easing joint pain symptoms? The kicker is..I had three selenium deficient lambs last year.....I have a real selenium problem at my place. Vet talked about doing MuSe next year to the ewes when I do the prelambing shots.....anyway that is why my knee jerk reaction was white muscle. If she dies I will do a necropsy to see exactly where I am at. I also jug lamb....so I will be way more focused on sanitizing the barn and dipping those navels asap! I really appreciate all the input.....I love learning and becoming a better flock mistress...thanks for all the advise! Last question......what are the s/s of selenium overdose....I might have done that is this is indeed joint ill!
  13. So I have a lamb with the same symptoms. Have been giving BoSe.....twice last week but not doing better. She came up sore legged last Monday. How quickly would I see the results of the selenium if it were white muscle?? I will start her on pen today......she is a good month old....is that common for the joint disease? Also, I did all cords.......not always right away due to night lambing. If it is the joint disease....will I have problems next year...or is it always a potential issue?? Thanks!
  14. Hey everybody..... The newest posting on the USBCHA National Finals blog is a brief article by Scott Glen about what he does to condition his dog for the big courses and possible hot temperatures for this particular trial. I thought people might be interested. http://2009nationalsheepdogfinals.blogspot.com/ Enjoy.....
  15. Hi folks, I'd like to invite you to visit the 2009 Finals Blog. http://2009nationalsheepdogfinals.blogspot.com/ We are hoping to keep it regularly updated with "hot, off-the-press, breaking news".....as well as doing mini series with input from handlers. In the next couple of weeks, you will see pictures of the trial field....to get an idea of what 2009 holds in store for the handlers! We will also post some information about the sheep.....and maybe even a highlights of local business sponsors. If you have your own blog.....we would love to be listed on your blog list. If you have friends with blogs...we would love to be recommended to them! We are hoping this is a great tool to keep all handlers informed....but also to share a bit of the "experience" with new folks and those not attending as well! Drop me a line if there is something you want to see on the blog.....
  16. I was not sure that was cool...but I guess it is public information so check out http://www.kinlochsheepdogs.com/Links.htm This is their links section and many of those folks listed in the UK work with people wanting to learn to work stock with their dogs. The folks at Kinloch sheepdogs are a wealth of information...they are located in Wales. They are good about helping people find answers to their questions.....and you might want to check out their new book they have just published. Derek Scrimgeour is not on that list but he works with folks as well....his web site is http://www.bordercollie.gb.com/Home.htm He is in Englad...in the Lake District Enjoy!
  17. Hey BorderCollieSam, Here....I can help you out. Email me at lora@rockingdogranch.com and I will hook you up with a great web site that has a number of names of people who do just that.....help train dogs and their owners to "work" sheep...in Scotland, England and Wales. Hope it helps....
  18. OMG you made my night!!! I have made some lambie jammies for my lambs in years past as well. I used boy's pajama pant legs....but I like yours better. Funny...the lambs in the sweaters look WAY happier then those who are sweater-less! Thanks for sharing.......I can't wait to get started lambing out my girls!
  19. Yes Sue.....EVERY bit helps and is VERY much appreciated! Our goal is to get all 150 open teams sponsored as well as all the nursery teams. Thank you all, very much, for your help with the 2009 National Sheepdog Finals!
  20. I would love your help this year!!! If you email me at lora@rockingdogranch.com , I will get you on the volunteer schedule. Besides "Vanna".... let me know what else you would be interested in doing and what days you think you would be there! The Finals web site has a pretty comprehensive list of things that need done. Thanks!!!!
  21. Hey all....just a quick reminder that the deadline for "picking your handler" for the 2009 Sheepdog Finals sponsorship program is March 1! BIG HUGE THANKS to those that have already sponsored a dog/handler team or two! Lora
  22. Hey Lana, Growing up, I had a friend whose family owned a big cattle operation. They went a bought a trained dog at the dog auction at Cow Palace (if I remember correctly). When people gave her a hard time about what she spent on that dog...she said she would have paid more! A good dog can replace many a hired hand, they never show up late, they never show up hung-over, they never complain and work hard to get the job done, oh, and you don't have to pay them minimum wage...they work for food and a bed! If it weren't for the fact that a dog can't open and shut gates...or drive a truck...she probably would have fired a few hired hands! I always wondered where ranchers go.....besides an auction....when they need a trained dog? Are you gals behaving yourself and having TOO much fun!!!!???? Good luck and hugs to you all! Lora http://rockingdawgs.blogspot.com/
  23. Oh, to be a State of Jefferson gal! You girls have all the fun! Good luck...keep those posts coming....I am living vicariously through you!!!! That Gerbil is very funny......bet you won't find a Victoria Secret after all! XO Lora
  24. I, too, want to add to Geri's post with a HUGE thank you for the support. As somebody volunteering on the Sheepdog Finals Host Committee......it is so inspiring to watch the enthusiasm for showing support to the "local" (as in BC boards) handlers. Thanks again....without YOU the job of hosting the finals would be much more work and way less fun! Remember...if you want to come and help....as Doc Holliday said in Wyatt Earp.... "I'm your huckleberry!" Check out the web site at http://www.nationalsheepdogfinals.com/index.htm Lora
  25. I scribed for the trial that Bill Orr set sheep for...and I looked at Mike Hubbard, the judge, and told him it was darn EASY to run a dog from inside the cab of his truck That would probably be called "back seat handling". I am a great back seat driver...just ask my two teen-aged sons! Back to the original question "how does one help strengthen a dog at the lift?" Bob, I think it is interesting how you allow your young dogs to figure out the lift. If a dog learns to lift inappropriately, and was an otherwise talented dog, would you sell it on....or would you try to help the dog see how to lift in an appropriate manor? As you mentioned, some dogs are a little apprehensive, some dogs just want to blow right through...and some dogs figure out a good lift when left to their own devise. What about the dog that "figured it out"...getting the job done...but not in a good and proper fashion.....how can you go back and help dogs learn they can lift in any given situation?? Is this something that could be "re-worked"? If it can be re-worked.....how? Thanks! Lora
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