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So Sunday morning are my lesson times. I start at 8 and end around 1-3ish....I usually use on of my dogs as backup when in the big field with a student's dog...in case a ewe run off etc.....or in the round pen to help an unsure dog by working the sheep.


Tess loves doing both chores as that usually means she has a free rein in working. All I ask of her in the large field is cover the perimeter and should a ewe bolt, take it upon herself to bring it back. In the round pen, she will work the sheep until the uncertain dog 'gets it".


I have been using Rainey as that make her keen and makes her think, especially when the ewe runs in the waist high grassy marsh and she has to figure it out by herself to bring her back. It's a good type of work and after their help, they get a piece of chicken jerky. And usually an extra piece for good measure.


So this last Sunday, I didn't have a breakfast break to eat so Getty brought me down bacon and two peices of buttered toast. I ate the bacon, shared a piece with Tess who was the backup dog. Then I looked down and saw my second piece of toast, well the butter was being licked off by Sarah, the barn cat.


Sigh, so I leave it on the plate on the barrel. She licks the butter and wanders off. I go with my next student in the upper pasture while the student whose lesson just got done, went to his truck to put his dog away.


He reported to me the following:


Tess looked at the toast perched up on the barrel to see if was reachable- CHECK

She looked to see where I was at...in the upper field - CHECK

She looked around to see if any other people were standing near by- none - CHECK

She looked to see Sarah the cat was out of range - CHECK

She watched me turn my back on her to go to the far side of the pasture- CHECK

Standing on her back feet, she gently lifted the toast off the plate with out dropping the plate -CHECK

One last glance around with toast in mouth to make sure no one saw her- CHECK

Slunk off in barn with toast- CHECK

Come out of barn and go lie down in her usual spot, looking innocent - CHECK


I come back and note that the toast is missing, look over at Tess who yawns and falls back semi-asleep. I glare at Sarah.


Wayne tells me he saw the entire show from his truck


I turn to Tess and ask her "Did you steal my toast?'


Tess looks over at Sarah....


I sigh...out smarted again!

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LOL! Oh, Tess is such a love. Clever wee thing, she keeps you on your toes! :)


~ Gloria


You mean keeps her on her TOAST!


Now this story is exactly where the joke came from ("How many Border Collies to change a light bulb? One, and then he'll check the wiring to make sure it's up to code...and rewire if necessary.)

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