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Been a LONG time - update with pics!

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It's probably been over a year since I've visited here, but I came back, and I have updates!


Kit is her same happy, healthy, bouncy self. Nearly three years after adopting her from a shelter, I still wonder how I lucked into such a fabulous first dog. She's crazy enthusiastic about anything and everything I can dream up for us to do. Her drive blows me away. And then there's her smile...




We compete in disc during the summer. Here's a pic of us that was published in the local newspaper last summer:




We also take weekly agility classes and compete in NADAC trials year-round. We recently earned our novice versatility title, but we're going for novice superiors before moving up. We're getting close to superiors in tunnelers and weavers (of all things!). Here's a video of our first weavers run:




We will also be starting nosework in January. As with everything else, I suspect she will love this.


Needless to say, after just one, I'm hooked on BC's (or mixes thereof) for life. It'll be many years before I succumb to the impulse to get another (geez, how would I keep up with another Kit?), but when I do, I'll be lucky if I can find one with half the heart she has.

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