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Cats and cat-chasing dogs?

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Almost every single one of my foster dogs has been intent on chasing the cat. All Border Collies, of course...My last one loved to chase, but wouldn't hurt. She did like to nip, but that was quickly dealt with when my larger cat gave her a good whack across the nose.

My current one...Not sure what he wants to do. He bites, but I can't tell if he's trying to herd or hurt. The only time he did that was when the kitten kind of forced himself on the dog. Besides that, he's been fine with the cats.

Normally I wouldn't be concerned - my two cats are 6 and 7 years old, and they're smart enough to either avoid the dogs or to let them know who's boss(I.E. foster gets a bloody nose if he/she gets too crazy). However my mom has a kitten, 5 months old, who's too vulnerable and little to be safe around these dogs, like my older cats are.


It's hard to keep them all seperated, due to 1. the shape of my house and 2. He's not smart enough to stay away from the foster dogs. He'll walk right by them without a second thought, even though he's been nipped multiple times.

I'm a bit frustrated. Any advice?


As a little side note, check this out. This is my current foster boy :) Split face, two different colored eyes!

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OT but that is an adorable name for him!


Isn't it? It's a bit of a goofy name, and he's a bit of a goofball. When he's happy to see you, he wags his whole body. It's absolutely adorable.


I'd probably get in his face about the nipping or actually when he started eyeing the kitten. A gruff "get out of there" sort of thing. Something to get across to him that nipping is NOT acceptable.


I will try that, thanks.. I also have a prong collar that he's been wearing while leashed inside the house(we're making sure he doesn't want to mark in the house like he does outside). Do you think it'd be a bad idea to correct him with the collar when he pays attention to the cat?

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I'd be tempted to start softer and work up, before (and if) I got to a prong collar. If he eyeballs the kitties before trying anything, a growled correction or even a whacked newspaper against your thigh, with a "Get outta that!" or "leave it!" might work well. I'd save a prong collar for a last resort, since for one thing, you'd have to have him on leash and I think the most effective corrections are those when you can surprise him while you don't have hold of him.


~ Gloria

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My last foster dog and current Boston Terrier were cat chasers. Consistently using a firm voice and occasional smacking of my leg worked. Took less than 2 weeks with both of them. It helps to have a cat who is willing to back it up. Consistency is the key to any kind of training.


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