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My dog had a seizure

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My border collie is five years old and out of no where had a seizure last night. It was about an hour after coming home from a nice long hike. He hadn't eaten or done anything weird that I noticed. I rushed him to the vet where they did a blood glucose check, temp check and drew some blood work which is supposed to come back today...Everything so far was normal. I'm of course completely flipping out..worrying about anything from cancer to brain tumor..to MORE seizures..


The vet assured me most seizures in dogs are idiopathic and sometimes occur occasionaly...I'm not really comforted by that AT ALL!!!


If anyone has more insight or experience with seizures in dogs PLEASE SHARE!! Any advice is welcome!!!

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Seizures are one of the scariest things to wittiness. Take a breath, wait for the tests to come back and go from there.

I have a dog that had quite a few seizures, they found nothing wrong.

I think they are stress related so I am careful about her stress level. Haven't had one in a few years. But they were very scary.

Hang in there and take some deep breaths. Your dog can sense your stress which won't help.

My dog was about 9 or 10 before she ever had one.


Good luck and keep up posted.

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1. don't panic


2. write down everything you can think of that happened yesterday, and if one happens again do the same thing...that way in case there's something she was exposed to you can maybe track it easier


3. know that even in the worst case scenario where you dog does have some kind of epilepsy, that that its symptoms can be treated in a variety of ways, so even then, it will be OK


4. don't panic


5. hug your dog


I had a dog with sever cluster seizure epilepsy, so I understand just how you feel right now, but it worked out and she lived 15 very comfortable and happy years once we got her straightened out.

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There's also the possibility that's the only one he will ever have.


I had a dog that had one at about seven. We could find nothing wrong with her at the time, and I was given most of the same advise as already listed. I was also told that it could be an isolated incident.


She never had another one that I know of, and she lived another seven years.


You can always hope that will be the case for you.

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