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The "Chet and Bernie" series


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FYI if you like 'dog books' --


I was browsing through Barnes and Noble today and noticed a Border Collie on a book cover. Closer inspection showed the book to be the 4th book in the "Chet and Bernie" series (The Dog Who Knew Too Much by Spencer Quinn). Chet is a police dog trainee dropout who is owned by Bernie, a private detective. Of course, Bernie is hired to investigate various cases, and Chet helps out.


I have read a couple of the previous books, and they were all right. They were what I term 'mindless reading' - nothing bad, nothing great, a pleasant way to pass time. I never thought that Chet was a Border Collie so I was surprised to see the Border Collie on the cover.



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I work for a library system and there's a few of us who look forward to the new Chet & Bernie books to come out. You're right, they aren't deep reading, but they are fun, and we get a kick out of how well Spencer Quinn (the author, which is a psuedonym for Peter Abrahams) is able to portray the story from a dog's point of view.


One of the women at work was asking me one day what kind of dog Chet is supposed to be? I said that I wasn't sure, because they always show him as a border collie on the covers, and he does have one white ear and one black, one of which stands up and the other flops to the side, but he also refers to himself as a "hundred-pounder," which would be one big border collie. Maybe an English Shepherd? Who knows? Only Bernie, I guess!

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