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My Dog Working - 1st Time!

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I've had Buddy for 6 years. I've never seen him show the typical border collie working posture - slinky, crouching, tail down, intent gaze. Took him to sheep once, and the trainer said, "That dog's not working. He's playing."


Today, in a large overgrown field, I saw him put on his working silhouette for the first time ever. I was fascinated as I watched him pace and move and sniff the air, looking for all the world like a herding dog should look. Like YOUR dogs look in your photos.


Too bad he was only locating a half-decayed, mummified possum to roll in. ::Sigh::


So, speaking of that - the one single thing that does excite Buddy'e intellect fully is finding hidden things using his nose. I've seen articles recently about nosework for dogs, and thought, "Oh, there's finally an activity that Buddy would love!" Does anyone know of any nosework in the area? (Northeast Massachusetts)





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Yes, they do use their magical canine skills to really disgust us sometimes!


Mary, google 'canine nosework + Massachusetts' or 'dog nosework + Massachusetts' and you'll find something. I just did, and found sites listed in several towns. I have no idea of your geography, so can't help anymore than that.


And don't think that just because Buddy is a mature dog he won't enjoy it or be able to learn. Shonie took her first nosework class at 14, and has done a couple more since then, and ate it right up.


Let us know how you and Buddy like it!



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Thanks for posting this topic.

I too would like to get into tracking because my BC loves to sniff and smell things. Whenever I come into the house with groceries it's like Christmas and he gets really excited. He digs his whole head into each of the bags, sniffer going full blast. We jokingly call him Mr. Inspector since it seems like he's checking all the bags as if he's quality control.

When we are out on the trail his nose is always to the ground. I can tell when he has a scent of someone or something because his pace picks up. Sure enough, there's a hiker or animal in front of us.

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he was only locating a half-decayed, mummified possum to roll in. ::Sigh::


and has done a couple more since then, and ate it right up.


Ruth are you absolutely sure that that's what the OP would want :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: (sorry couldn't resist :D )



I hope you and Buddy will find what you like to do. Tracking is a very nice thing to do with a dog, has many of the nice aspects of herding (dog is the expert) without many of the early training frustrations. But one meeting with the sheep is not definitive. There is also a book in the States excellent thing for learning. if you need the author and title I will dig it up.


Best wishes,


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