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I know there were people from this forum who attended last year -- Is anyone planning to go this year?


Springfield is only about a five hour drive for me, so I can hardly pass it up. When I went in 2009 I just had Luke, as Kaiser was just a puppy at the time. Luke and I had only been competing for two years -- and while at the time I thought we were awesome ( :P ) I have since realized just how green we were at the time. I'm looking forward to running him there again now that we are both a MUCH more consistent team -- As in, we actually have contacts now. lol


Kaiser has grown into a very competitive little teammate. Well, other than his contacts. I'm hoping he has the speed to make up for the odd call here and there. :blink::lol: I'm already starting to prepare myself for the onslaught of "What breed is he?" questions I am sure to receive. Maybe I should make a sign... lol


And then there is Secret. When I started to trial her in February it was kind of a joke that I'd try to get her qualified to run this year. I more or less planned to stick her on a team so that she could at least do SOMETHING while we were down there.


But she did it! She actually managed to get in every Q except one in Chances, all in less than six months time and a grand total of 16 days of trial experience. So... Her entry went in the mail yesterday, too!


Three dogs at Champs on those crazy long courses, I must be crazy!!


Oh, and Kaiser is running on a Team with some friends, just to add more fun to my days.


If anyone else is going I'd love to meet up with you!

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It's too bad NADAC had to choose the same week for their nationals as USDAA. And only a few hours away from USDAA at that. Granted the percentage of people doing both venues continues to shrink, but it still would've been fun to go watch. Not smart planning on NADAC's part. Oh well! Have fun no matter which nationals you are attending.


-heading to Louisville!

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Yes, there was quite a lot of grumbling when it was announced. I have several friends who run both venues. So far I know of one who chose NADAC (because she skipped last year) and one of my friends is doing USDAA (because he didn't get his dogs Q'd for NADAC in time).


It stinks that people are being forced to choose this year.


It was announced at the 2009 NADAC Champs that they were to be held at Purina Farms in 2011. When Purina went and totally farked up their footing choice with those horrid mats, NADAC pulled out of that agreement and was left high & dry. It's unfortunate that the fairgrounds were only available on the same week as USDAA, but what can you do?


I'm glad it's in October, though. When we went to TN in September of 2009 it was just plain miserable.

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Mr. Bracken and I plan to be there. I agree about the simultaneous weekends....but it's all about finding a suitable venue for each. I'd rather be in Illinois than Kentucky (tho perhaps it's not THAT much different...), but would have enjoyed USDAA as well. There certainly has been a lot of competitor pressure, especially in USDAA, to find and announce a site BEFORE the beginning of the competition year, so folks can plan. Retirement does have it's benefits!



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Great to hear that there will be another board member there, Diane! :D


Honestly, I still don't know why I'm going. Champs in '09 was such a miserable experience that I wanted to go home the second day (but for that 13 hour drive....). It was hot, the footing totally sucked and it was the most disorganized cluster@(*^$ I'd ever seen in my life.


My friends who had attended in years past warned me about the lack of organization from year to year, but I guess it's one of those things you don't appreciate until you experience it firsthand.


But somehow, by the end of the weekend I was having fun -- I was completely exhausted and worn down by the heat/humidity, but things did get better.


The format this year is supposed to be the same as last year -- And my friends who went last year thought it was far better than in 09. The only unknown variable this time around is the arena, but since Lisa Bonker scouted the facility, I'm going to hope that it's good this time! ;)


And lest anyone think that NADAC is the only one who can screw stuff up, it's pretty common knowledge that the footing at Louisville last year was god awful. Hopefully they make some improvements this year!

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While last year in L'ville certainly wasn't the best footing ever at a trial, I've run on much worse. Those of us who regularly trial on dirt weren't complaining. The spoiled ones who never have had to trial on dirt were. I personally did not have a problem with it; I ran fine, my dog ran fine. The footing in Arizona was just as bad.

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