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Sweet rough coat tri found in Oregon

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I am in North Carolina and got a call fom home last night from my dad in Oregon. A petite rough coat tri female showed up at their home last night. She was dirty and hungry, but after a bath, looked like she had good nutrition at an earlier time in her life. She is also very affectionate and sweet with everyone, including his grandchildren. She was found in the foothills in Yamhill County, NW of Salem with no collar; just blue twine around her neck. We wonder if she may have gotten lost the night of July 4th. does anyone know of anyone who lost a dog meeting that description?


I will add some pictures today.

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Thank you for coming here to try and help this little girl out, and thanks to your folks for being so kind to her.


If her owners don't show up (twine?) perhaps someone here can recommend a good rescue resource in their area. I am sure someone will chime in with good advice.


Very best wishes!

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I know - the twine made me nervous, too. Maybe someone found her while she was lost and tried to hold her. It appears that she has been lost for awhile. I would LOVE it if someone could give me a good, local contact. We found an email address through the Pacific Northwest Border Collie Rescue website, but it would be great for my dad to have someone he could call.


I've lived with Border Collies for almost 15 years. Dad sent me a little video of her and she looks very sweet - the kind of sweet that would redeem any naughtiness. :) He wants to make sure she finds a good home if no one is looking for her.

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Guest Carolyn B.

We live in Salem, Oregon and are interested in adopting a border collie or mix female.  We have a lot of years experience with border collies and blue heelers.  We are not on a farm now, but live on two acres.  I am home all day and we do quite a lot of camping, fishing, hiking.   It is a good life for a dog with us.  She will be basically a house dog, but outside as much as she likes.  We have one other dog now.  Male, neutered Chi-weenie, 5 years old.  He would love a playmate.  541-255-3951 if you need a home for the dog you found, give us a call.


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