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The Rexxon Valdez sets sail

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Yesterday, Rex went in his first agility fun match. As a "home-schooled" agility dog, I was hoping that he would maintain his focus and not be overwhelmed by all the noise and activity. He did great! He didn't take off to get a hug from ring crew, or to play with a small dog, so I was pretty happy. This is my tough little sheepdog who ran in the CBCA and USBCHA nursery finals in 2009. I'm still trying to reconcile that intense little stockdog with the happy-go-lucky agility dog whose tail never stops wagging.


At fun matches, you can use food, toys, you can stop and pet your dog - it's a nice way to introduce a dog to the trialling experience. His first sanctioned trial will be at the end of April.


Here are his four runs. Warning: obnoxious Wham! song is used for background music, to cancel out all the chatter from the peanut gallery. biggrin.gif



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tongue.gif I love Wham! . Such good memories. All of our cheerleading routines were done to Wham! and/or George Michael songs. Hate me even more? biggrin.gif


Actually, some of the peanut gallery comments were pretty funny. In the gamblers opening, for example, Rexxy earned a lot of ooohs and ahhhhs with his weaves. Remember - this is a fun match and most people there were newbies with their first agility dog, and they are still doing the 'weave pole shuffle' (hip check, lure back, hip check, lure back).

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Wasn't that why he got arrested??? :P

I think the problem was that he rocked himself. In a public place.


If Lou did agility, he would totally get ZZ Top music. Sharp Dressed Man is a no-brainer, as he's always wearing a tuxedo. Wick gets girly pop stuff (Avril Lavigne, stuff from Glee, Pink). Rex is a work in progress. Right now, he's still very bouncy and puppyish, so maybe something from The Bieb? smile.gif

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