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Todd's First full trial

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So Todd has had 7 runs before in two different trials (USDAA) and though he did well, I could really tell how much more confindent he was this time. We finally ran our first full trial and out of ten runs we got 7 Q's, 5 of which were first place, one Q with no placement, 2 other first place NQ's, and 1 second place NQ. What a good boy! He was having a good time and as a bonus got lots of ribbons! We've been training for almost a year and this is totally his thing!!!! Good job buddy!





And because baby brother Fury was jealous...a couple cute pics of him too :)




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How did he place but not qualified? Sorry usdaa is very confusing to me.


I can't speak for USDAA, but in CPE and NADAC you can place without qualifying, except in certain circumstances, like the dog soiling in the ring or (in CPE) re-doing a missed contact. Coming out of Rally, this was confusing to me, too, at first, but now that I'm used to it, I find that it makes sense. Placements say where you stack up against the other competitors in your class. That does not need to be dependent on whether or not one qualifies. It's kind of a different way of thinking about it but now that I'm used to it, I find that I like it.


Todd's Mom - Congrats on the fantastic trial!!!

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This was a CPE trial, our first ever. The atmosphere was so laid back we will definately be doing more CPE. I was very confused about placing at first too, but I found that I like it because it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Todd doesn't care, he just wants to play and is happy to do so :) My videographer (10 year old daughter) was so busy helping with bar setting that I don't have video, but that may be a good thing so you all don't have to watch me stumble around.

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