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sometimes they take your breath away...

Liz P

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The usual crew was out working dogs today. I got to play with a pup from Frankie's first litter. She is 4.5 months old, so she was just in the back field for socialization. I noticed she was leaning towards the goats, watching them very intently. Out of pure curiosity I borrowed a long line and took her closer to the herd.


She did a lovely 50 ft outrun, tucked in the sides and brought them to me. I had her wear them around the field for a few minutes then take them down to a corner. I asked her to walk up on them, packing them tighter. She did, with confidence. The buck shifted to the front of the herd and faced her down. With me standing next to her as backup, I asked her to walk up on the buck. She took a step forward. The buck lowered his head. She leaned forward, hit him on the nose and stood her ground. He melted back into the herd. I then asked her to flank around and get them out of the corner. She trotted right in there, cool as can be, and brought the goats back into the field.


I'm still on cloud nine!




For those who might be concerned, I know this buck very well. He is quite dog broke and doesn't try anything stupid. He is used to instinct test young dogs all the time. I was also right next to the pup, ready to prevent any disasters.

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The first time I took Hoot out, he ignored the sheep. The next time, he turned on. Watching him moving behind his sheep, bringing them to me fairly nicely, all with zero training... I was mentally jumping up & down going "Holy crap! Holy crap! He's doing it! WEEEEEEE!"


It is SO cool! Especially because it was one of your pups.


(We have a buck like that, too. Hershey plays tough, but he's a big moosh. My problem with working him with a dog is that the dog inevitably ends up smelling like him...)

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