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"High value coupon" from Natura pet food

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Go to this site, fill out the address info (you can omit your email address and uncheck notifications if you'd like), select your retailer, and they'll mail you a coupon. Although the website doesn't specify the coupon's value, I've seen other posts on blogs, etc. that say it's for a free 5 or 6.6# bag. Around here, that's $18-20.


Natura coupon link

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Thanks for posting! I got this message at the end:


"Your request has been successfully submitted.

Thank you for your coupon request.


Your coupon for a free bag (good on any 5lb–6.6lb bag of Natura dry pet food) will be mailed within 10 working days."


So it is for a free bag. I don't feed Natura (especially not after P&G bought them out), but figure this would be a good thing to give to one of the local rescues.

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