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Walt Disney....again

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Well ... she has nothing to sell her puppies on. Especially for that price. She doesn't work them. She doesn't do agility, flyball, obedience, nada. All they do is reproduce. And she wants $1200 because somewhere way far back in the pedigree, someone with a known name produced the ancestors. Just another puppy factory. But people buy them. If they didn't, she wouldn't keep doing it over and over again. People have nothing better to do with their money, apparently. No one researches what they're doing. They see cute puppies, they take that woman at her word, and lay out the cash, not knowing any better.


Sad. Sad. Sad.

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Ok ... please tell me how this works.


White Mountain has the "TRIBUTE TO ARTHUR ALLEN" page. It is copied directly from the Border Collie Museum's PAGE ON ARTHUR ALLEN. I mean ... she even copied the copyright of Carole L. Presberg ... and then added her own copyright to the bottom of the page.




Somehow, I highly doubt Carole would give her permission to a puppy factory to use the writeup of Mr. Allen so they could sell puppies. I could be wrong.

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