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The writeup from the Seclusival trial looked like everyone really enjoyed themselves. I promised myself to make it out there one day.


So, Sam ... yes, please do tell us what it's like to beat Alasdair! Did you do the happy dance? I know I would have!


Who is Jared, by the way? Is that that pretty prick-eared dog from Karen Lacy?



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Here are the results.


Novice-Novice Saturday


1. Peter Hall Bonnie 59

2. Dan King Jig 54

3. David Clark Luckert 53

4. Ray Norton Tass 47

5. Lynn Prescott Flame 47

6. David Clark Danny Boy 46


Novice-Novice Sunday


1. David Clark Danny Boy 47

2. Dan King Jig 45

3. Billy Pritchard Kate 37

4. Gwen Cassell Kay 26


Pro-Novice Saturday


1. Pam Gardner Kia 63

2. Lauren Seabolt Gail 62

3. Stacy Scott Floss 59

4. Dee Lee Slick 56

5. Sam Furman Buff 52

6. Sharon Nunan Cutter 52


Pro-Novice Sunday


1. Sam Furman Buff 62

2. Stacy Tackett Liz 62

3. Alasdair MacRae Jared 61

4. Angie McCrann Ike 58

5. Julie Poudrier Twist 57

6. Sharon Nunan Cutter 54


Pro-Novice Non-Open Saturday


1. Marianna Schreeder Clay 57

2. Kate Caldwell Sam 45

3. Lauren Seabolt Gail 44

4. Denise Roper Jed 40

5. Denise Roper Tan 9


Pro-Novice Non-Open Sunday


1. Denise Roper Tan 43

2. Victoria Renz Gauge 42


Nursery Saturday


1. Alasdair MacRae Jared 80

2. Julie Poudrier Twist 72


Nursery Sunday


1. Sam Furman Buff 69

2. Alasdair MacRae Jared 64


Ranch Saturday


1. Craig Rogers Jake 80

2. Dee Lee Cap 71

3. Nancy Schreeder Mac 69

4. Alice Urquhart Dirk 69

5. Craig Rogers Drift 66

6. Sam Furman Todd 65


Ranch Sunday


1. Marianna Schreeder Rock 75

2. Nancy Schreeder Mac 72

3. Marianna Schreeder Trip 66

4. Stu Ligon Davey 65

5. Craig Rogers Jake 65

6. Craig Rogers Drift 64

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Here's the trial writeup -- courtesy of Joan Stout.


Trial Report - Seclusival Farm Trial, 27-28Mar04


My first trial for 2004 was the Seclusival Farm SDT on March 27-28 in Shipman, Virginia. This trial was a fundraiser for the Seclusival Open trial coming up in May. Along with the usual suspects, we had handlers from Canada to Florida. I met some new faces to go with familiar names, and I got to see a lot of new faces in the Novice-Novice class, too. Spring weather brought the usual variations, so those of us who packed one of everything had a chance to wear most of it.


This trial offered a twist on the Pro-Novice class, which I had never seen before at a trial. In addition to the usual PN class, there was an additional class for PN handlers who had never run Open. The trial also offered Novice-Novice, Nursery, and Ranch classes, with payback in Ranch. Handlers, judge, and trial workers kept things moving, so we also had time for non-compete runs. Most handlers had multiple opportunities to run their dogs. We ran about 100 dogs each day.


The sheep were Katahdins and mixed hair sheep of the non-penning persuasion. Only a few teams earned a pen score, and the sheep were a little touchy at other times, too. We had no Maltese cross or other special obstacles, but the field, the course, and the sheep were challenging enough.


Camaraderie was high at this trial, perhaps because it was the first spring trial of the year. For the first time in a while, I noticed that many runs were applauded by the crowd. At least one run was applauded by the handler, as Jake gave Craig Rogers reason to perform a happy dance! I saw a lot of grins from handlers, whether they were happy about their run or just a part of their run. Or maybe they were just having fun. Even with the occasional rain and cool air, many handlers were also spectators and watched most of the runs. We had a minor stampede on Saturday when Kate arrived with homemade lemon squares and ginger snaps. Sam was seen at the handler's post with the tin of ginger snaps, and a man with an accent repeatedly sneaked into the lemon squares. A noisy one-float parade circled through the camping area on Saturday night. The float was rumored to be a four-wheeler loaded with dogs and handlers. I have no idea who was involved, of course! A late and rowdy game of Pictionary caused one handler to nearly miss his (or her) run the next day, and it wasn't an early NN run!


Everyone seemed to enjoy this trial, and lots of people made an effort to help. Many thanks go to the core group that put on the trial: Alasdair MacRae, Stu Ligon, Robin French, and Sam Furman. Stu was either practicing for a marathon or trying to set a record - he held the sheep for most of the trial. Thanks a bunch to Allan Lynch for his own marathon, judging all classes, both days. No wonder he requested a lot of coffee! Sorry we ran out of chocolate donuts, Allan. Workers for sheep duty and other jobs included Dan King, Angie McCrann, Stacy Tackett, Kate Caldwell, and Craig Rogers. We had lots of volunteers for exhaust, clerking, and other jobs. I'm sorry I can't remember all of them! I took score responsibilities, assisted by Lauren Seabolt and Sharon Nunan, with Andrea deKennedy on call. A big thank-you goes to Cindy MacRae for duties both assigned and unassigned, including a pot of steaming coffee on both chilly mornings and scrumptious dinners for the trial workers. Thanks to everyone for a great trial!


Joan Stout

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Nope, I never do the happy dance when I futz it up and beat him cause I know he is gonna beat me like 10 more times in the open till I futz up again and get him...plus too, the dog he beat me with is Karens dog (yes pretty prick eared one) and he has been working him for like I dunno maybe ten minutes and whipping all our butts...I am however very plesed with my little buff man..he is growing up and I am winning bets on him left and right...Did you ever build that box robin, by my way of thinking it is about time for your speech isnt it???


Oh Charlie...pull that toe back over the line and let go of the tigers tail...You dont want to start that back up esp if you plan on still going to Big Willow...


Hey Ter, if you get this, got your cell message and couldnt call you back, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and my caller id is messed up so couldnt get the number...


I am off to bed, sheared sheep today (or rather caught them for the shearer) and wormed everything on the place including myself so I am donnnnnnnnnnnne.


Nite nite!

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