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  1. "Annie" - {shivering with fear} Jodi P.S. Show dogs suck.
  2. Annie - I see that your only two posts to this board have been for the purpose of this specific thread. Care you tell us why you are here? Or shall we just assume you are a troll? EDIT: Nevermind. Your identity has just been confirmed for me in writing by a "friend" of yours. Very sad that your own message board is not exciting enough for you. Jodi (member 2858) P.S. Show dogs suck.
  3. Regarding the ad on Qualitydogs.com... (The bolding of the text was done by me.) At the top of the ad it says: In the body of the ad it says: Yet on the front page of her website, it says: But on the "About" page of her site, it says:
  4. Andrea, Because I don't want you to think I am ignoring you, I will respond. Yes, this is absolutely more the issue than wanting America to provide a list of unethical breeders to every other country. Just because a country has a "forbidden list" of breeders does not mean that the uneducated buyer is going to seek it out, no matter what country you're in. Educating potential puppy buyers can only happen if the individual looking to buy a pup reaches out to someone that can lead them in the right direction. But more times than not, they go off half-cocked, do it on their own, an
  5. Wow! I just checked their "About breed" page ... and I found what appears to be information taken from the ABCA site. Is it my imagination? Take note that they simply changed "ABCA" to "IBCA" ... right down to the paragraph that starts: "The IBCA, with support from other working Border Collie groups and owners ..." Copied directly from IBCA About Breed page (I've skipped the physical appearance stuff.) Working Border Collies The Border Collie stands alone in its exceptional ability to work livestock. IBCA defines the breed by this working ability. The main goal of any Bor
  6. International Border Collie Association Good grief. What next?
  7. Before this goes any further, let me just state that my comments were directed at a very small group of people. They know who they are. If everyone "overseas" wants to take offense at my comments, help yourself, but you are wasting your time. "Breeders" such as the one being discussed here do not pose a huge threat overseas, as they don't show their dogs, trial them, run them in agility, etc. They are simply pumping out litter after litter, are not very well known other than for the very millish advertising they do, and I would hope that anyone from overseas who is going to spend the ki
  8. Anda, no no ... you're fine. They know who they are.
  9. For people who are reading this board, and then talking about it on another list (you know who you are) ... let me point out the obvious for you, because it's clear you can't manage to figure it out for yourselves. Taken from: http://bordercollie.org/boards.html The first line reads: "All About Border Collies provides the border collie bulletin boards for your enjoyment and edification." This board is not sponsored by the ABCA. I'd be careful about calling Eileen names on a public board just because you don't agree with the way she runs this board. You never know what peo
  10. Jeanne- I know I am not Anda or Coloradogirl, but I LOVE the Wicked Tinkers! Jodi
  11. I assume that goes for leashes, too? Jodi
  12. Sharon, I'm so sorry to hear about Repo. I'm all too familiar with the heartbreak. I've got a 3 year old female who is severely dysplastic in both hips. We opted to forego surgery and just keep her as comfortable for as long as possible, and not let her suffer. However, when she was 5 moths old or so, she was showing signs of lameness in her hind end. I had her x-rayed when she was six months old and the vet said, "Those are the worst hips I've ever seen." In any event, in my research to follow, I found this on the OFA site under their FAQ's: So, it sounds to me that HD
  13. Laura - Did you make it out this way for a visit last month? When are you moving permanently? Are you taking Heidi up on her bungalow? I think a PNW get-together is a great idea, and to welcome Laura to the neighborhood is the perfect excuse! Jodi
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