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new sheepdog training and trialing site


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Hi, Everyone:


At long last, I've finished the web site for which I've been bugging people to send me names of breeders and trainers. Here's the URL:





(This URL opens to a splash page that automatically redirects you to the main site in a couple of seconds. One of my early beta testers told me that the redirect didn't work on her webtv account. If you have any problem with the redirect, the main page is located at http://www.littlehats.net/core.html



As you can probably tell from the name, this web site is aimed at novices interested in learning about USBCHA-style herding. I hope to make it a true knowledge repository of useful information, including lots of articles and (I hope) active forums with plenty of signal and very little noise. One of the features of the forums that I'm especially excited about is an "ask an expert" section, in which novices can post questions to a successful Open handler and get a response. Our first expert is Sam Furman, who already has written some wonderful responses to some of the beta testers. Take advantage of her before she runs screaming into the sunset! :rolleyes: These forums will be as useful as people want them to be: I'm hoping that we have some good discussion there, with useful training and trialing tips. The archives of the forums will be fully indexed and searchable, so the better the content, the better it will be for everyone. (I'll be taking a hard line on flaming of any sort in this forum, because I want everyone to feel free to ask questions and to interject comments.)


I hope you all find the site useful. If you have any questions or comments, or any suggestions about what you'd like to see included there, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.


--- Heather


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Nice site. Regarding the info in FAQ's though, there is a fellow in MO who does some herding with his BC and he is blind. amazing guy. Of course he is limited to mainly AKC style (arena) events and AKC does not want folks to know a blind person can do what is needed in their trials..... Anyway, he is amazing. He uses his other senses to hknow where sheep and dog are.



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Heather, that's just a GREAT site! Well- concieved, well-organized, attractive & user-friendly. Thanks! I've learned a few things already, and look forward to spending more time there.


Let me know if there's ever anything I can do to help you with it, or ways I can contribute.


Thanks again!

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