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Observation- behavior on sheep vs away


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Most of my dogs are pretty normal either on or off sheep, but I had a dog that was shy/spooky to strangers, in new places, etc. unless there were sheep around. Then she became friendly, gregarious, relaxed -would approach strangers and was generally a sweet, happy dog so long as there were sheep in her sight. She outgrew it mostly anyways, but there was always a marked difference in her personality. She wasn't an extreme case of shyness, but would woof at strangers and was a '"hidey-hole" kind of dog, always making her own little safe place under the bed.

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Haven't taken the pup to sheep yet, so can't answer for him, but I'll let you know in a couple of weeks... It's hard for me to imagine my goofy, pesky pup having a serious work ethic, but we'll see.


My Nick, who is almost 6, is a goofy, noisy, happy-go-lucky dog off sheep who wants nothing more than to be paid attention, and lick small children. On, or around, sheep (or any stock) he's all business. No time for pats, etc- it's all about the work. Even when he's asked to ignore the sheep (say, when someone else is working) he sits there very business-like waiting for his turn.


Luckily, Nick is wonderful both off & on sheep. My friend's dog is a horribly, barky nut job off stock, but on them he's great. I don't know how she tolerates that dog!

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