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Sniffing and Sneezing

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Zoe is a champion sniffer. She doesn't just sniff you - she sits there going SNIFFSNIFFSNIFFSNIFFSNIFF - very loudly. Usually in your ear.


But the weird part that drives hubby crazy is that she snorts periodically. She blows out a bunch of air from her nose in a noisy SSHHNNNNNEEE, frequently blowing snot all over you. So it goes like this: *sniff sniff sniff SSNNNHHH sniff sniff SNNEEE sniff sniff sniff SSSSSNNHHEEEE*


Adds a whole 'nother dimention to the sniffing. Anyone elses dog do the snorting thing?? We don't know why she does it... it seems to be just a reflex on her part. I've seen her sneeze before when her nose is irritated, but she snorting is different.

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Meg does this when she first comes down to the Master Bedroom and jumps up on the Bed, or when she wakes first thing in the morning. Since the main ingredient in our bedding below, above, pillows etc is feathers, I suspect she has a light allergy to them but loves the smell. She's a quiet sniffer though - I think its becuase she deeply drinks scents in rather than puffs them in. Her chest movement seems to confirm this. Her 'SNEEEEEEs' are explosive and deadly.

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Some dogs do this intentionally.


Have you ever entered to a house and felt the smell of what was cooked earlier, but ten minutes later, you can't smell anything? That is because of something called "olfative saturation". When a dog is tracking or scenting, they use to sneeze to clean their own nasal conductes and olfative cells of odor particles and to keep perceiving the smell like before.

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