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  1. My rescue experience was excellent. I e-mailed the Border Collie Rescue of Texas just with general questions about the breed at first. I received several e-mails back as well as a few phone calls, they were extremely helpful. I then asked about a few BCs i saw on their website and they were honest saying that these dogs would probably not fit my lifestyle (I was worried about living in a townhouse and not having a huge yard) and after about 2 weeks of looking they contacted me with a BC that had lived in an apartment, and was the only dog in the household, which was important for me. They thou
  2. Hee hee, yep I normally get that in the morning right before going to work. I have my dress pants on all clean and ironed and she'll come along and spray them with doggie snot. I think it's her way of marking me .
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