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Here, have a giggle...

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So, picture this...


Last night I'm lying in bed, reading my book, listening to my BF let the girls out the last time for the night. All is quiet for a few minutes until he lets them back in. Suddenly the kitchen erupts with: "TWEAK! Drop it! Drop...No, drop it! Drop it NOW!" ... :D ?


Now, Tweak knows drop it...but she only knows it if you have your hands on what it is she has in her mouth. Otherwise, she attempts to entice you to play with it. (we are working on this, of course, but progress...) ...She is also famous for bringing in little prizes from the back yard, usually a stick or a rock.


So, after I hear Tweak being shut back in her crate and BF walks into the bedroom, I laughingly ask what it was she was so against giving up. BF explained that she'd come running in with a frozen poopsicle. Unwilling to reach into her mouth after it, BF was employing every other manner in trying to get her to drop it so he didn't have to touch it...even resorting to picking her up by the back end and attempting to "gently jostle" it free of her mouth. :rolleyes:


The mental image of him hefting the back end of a very excited puppy into the air and trying to shake a poopsicle out of her mouth sent me into hysterics! :D

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LOL! I love eavesdropping on my BF trying to get the dogs to exit the sliding door in an orderly manner. "Wicky ... Wiiiiccckkkky... WICK!!! Liiieee down. LOU! Go Lou! Go! Now! Hurray! Rex... get back". This goes on for about 20 seconds (the goal is to get Lou out the door first, followed by Rex, and then Wick, as she scares the boys and they won't leave the deck if she's out already). Then he resorts to Cesar Milan and starts hissing at them. This usually causes Wick to start her shrieking/barking, but bless his heart, he keeps at it until they're out the door in the right order.


I think I would need to find a new BF if one of them ever retrieved to him a frozen turd!

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