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  1. LOL! It is so funny =) Such a great depiction of her dogs personalities!! It was too good not to post (Im glad someone else did) Everyone needs to read it Hahaha
  2. We have a Border Collie cross who is also mostly white but with two black ears and one black eye =)
  3. Heard about this on the news and thought everyone here would really enjoy it. A great story about two dogs moving to a new state with their family. Definitely worth the read!! http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/11/dogs-dont-understand-basic-concepts.html
  4. I really really don't understand what goes through peoples minds. Thank god the dog is okay. http://www.katu.com/news/local/105913623.html
  5. Both our females are around 20-21 inches at the shoulder and weigh 50 and 52lbs no fat on them either just muscle. My six month old male is around 35lbs right now.
  6. It usually starts out as playing, and I think sometimes escalates as too rough. They havn't drawn blood but they tumble around, so not just growling at eachother. Our adult Female has the mindset that what is hers is hers.. and what is yours is hers.. So she tends to want whatever toy the pup has and vice versa the pup usually wants her toy. (No specific toy either like a ball or a stuffie) We try to solve this by incorporating other toys to "distract" from the one they want. Paige the female we have had since she was tiny, and we socialized her everywhere and took her everywhere with us. ( I was doing lots of horse shows at this point so she was taken a lot) However Paige has never liked other dogs except the ones living in her house and the neighbors, she isn't scared or aggressive towards other strange dogs she just doesn't want anything to do with them. (Ignores them) I think we need to just watch the excitement level between them, and not let it escalate to the point of someone getting irritated. Thanks again for your guy's input!!
  7. Our 5 Year old spayed female BC is fighting with our 6 month old neutered male pup. It is usually during the evening and when the pup wants to play with a toy etc. and she does not. I'm not sure if he is having a problem being submissive etc. Any input on helping this not to happen would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks
  8. Paige our full BC is a pretty tall and weighs 50lbs she is solid muscle though. Runs more than any other dog or animal we have =)
  9. One of our adult BC's and the 5 month old puppy both eat their dinner and then proceed to take their empty dish to the living room. They also will take the water bowl if its empty.. I'm not sure why they "relocate" but sometimes they are still hungry and a bit more food will keep them from doing it again.
  10. All three of ours are very vocal while playing.... making all sorts of sounds from growls to barking to uknown unearthly sounds
  11. He is approximately 4 months now... not sure his exact birthday since we adopted him from the oregon humane society.
  12. haha thats what I thought when I first saw your post! It will be interesting to see if they keep looking alike as they get older =)
  13. So cute! reminds me of my own puppy =) Kai
  14. That was really interesting about doubling their weight. My puppy is currently 4 months, and he weighs 20lbs... we were starting to think he was gonna be huge. However our adult females BCs are both around 50 lbs. So if the estimating works, he should be only about their size! Good to know haha
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