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Thank you for the clinic....and a few pictures

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I spent part of the weekend at the Jack Knox clinic in Fitchburg, Wisconsin (it was in an indoor riding arena). This is probably the 12th or 13th clinic of Jack's I've been too, and if you throw in Kathy Knox and Patrick Shannahan, you could add in another 10 or 12. I'm always surprised at how much you can learn at a clinic even without a dog in, there's always some little gem that I seem to come away with. And it's certainly nice to have a dog related event to go to in the middle of the winter to keep you inspired.


So thank you to the people who host clinics, help set up for them and take things down, provide the food, provide the sheep, the people who enter and especially the clinicians themselves. Wisconsin has a great stock dog club and a lot of fun things to do throughout the year!



Some of the people in the clinic.



There was a round pen for inside dogs and by unhooking one gate and pulling panels around, we also had a big open area for outside dogs. And even though it was about 20 degrees out, Jack never wore gloves and had warm hands the whole time!



The big area.



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Nice dogs, nice sheep.


Did you know that my heaviest clothing isn't as heavy as what you guys were wearing? :rolleyes:


Desert Rangers tip for freezing weather and snow: Stay home.

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Lola Chaffin gave him gloves at the beginning which he stuffed in his pocket and never used and Rose Anderson was giving him a hard time about it. She touched his hand once and confirmed that yes, they were warm. It's a lot easier to be warm moving around. We poor schmucks who were sitting in chairs were the cold ones. :rolleyes:



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And speaking of sheep and dogs, the big guy is Jean Bass' ram. Nice looking sheep and they were nice to work.



Paul Henning with Ken, Amy Armstrong with her mom's (Jean) Zuri and Janet Henning with Bob. The 3 Tess x Tweed siblings.



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