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How much exercise for a 5 month old

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How much exercise should Rievaulx be getting. I know he should not be jumping, and I have been reading about not over exercising so to the experts among us what is appropriate and by what age will he be able to keep up with an adult collie.

At the moment we are taking a brisk walk in the morning on lead for about an hour, with stops along the way for training and in the afternoon we have been going for a 30 minute off leash romp. Plus play time in the evening when husband and Brody come home from work.

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I work and play my dogs at least 2 hors a day. More if I can get the time. I've seen adult BCs work a full day then still want to play.

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I hope Julie Poudrier will post here, because she had a post a while back that really made sense to me. In it she described her view that for their health and safety puppies should get a type and amount of exercise that mimics what they do naturally in their play. That is, run like crazy, stand around, investigate something, chase another pup, etc. Not hard, continuous exercise, but kind of mixed activities, as I recall. I wish I could find that post, but maybe she'll chime in!

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