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Odd behavior or normal pup

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DH and I just picked up an 8 week old bc X cattle dog cross as our new foster last night. He has some similarities to looney bin Ceana, so I thought I would run the behaviors by you guys to see if I chould be concerned, or if I am just going off the deep end due to a picking a looney puppy when we got Ceana.


Here are my concerns about, and general behaviors of Mr. Schroeder. (The rescue voted and named them after the Peanuts cartoon)


1.Schroeder we were told was the loner. He liked to sit back and watch what was going on. Everyone decided he was the thinker. (***Ceana alarm***) To his credit all the puppies walked into a fenced off area and he was the only who knew to go back out the way he went in. All the others got stuck, or learned from watching him.


2. He didn't really play with any of his siblings. (***Ceana alarm again***) He went where the mass of 7 puppies went, but didn't wrestle or chase, or really play. They were just taken from their mom 2 hours before that, so I really don't know his behavior in his comfort zone. He was also highly preoccupied with the collar on his neck. He tried everything he could think of to get it off. (HILARIOUS!)


3. He was a doll and let me pick him up and snuggle him. He would just lay on his back in my arms and fell asleep there before we left for home.


4. He is a scaredy boy. (**Alarm in general**) The TV was frightening, my dogs were the equivelent of monsters and he shook with fear until I wrapped him in a blanket, he tucked his little head down into my arm and once again went to sleep. All last night his tail was between his legs, and he tried desperetly to hide behind me... so I kept constantly moving. This morning he came out a bit because I have been a little more tuff love because of item number 5.


5. When Sita came up extremely politely (she is such a good girl) and tried to introduce herself he climbed into my lap, flattened his ears, stood up, body rigid, looked her straight in the eyes and growled!!! (*** SUPER CEANA ALARM***) He was corrected immedietly, tried growling one more time with more relaxed body language and in a seated position, got corrected again and booted out of my lap for the rest of the evening. I don't think so buddy. He tried to gaurd DH this morning and he was corrected and promptly ignored again. He has not tried claiming either one of us again... even in the same situations, but it hasn't even been 24 hours.


6. He is a smart little booger. (Although I think he's not quite sure if his name is Shroeder or Hi at this point. :rolleyes: ) He definetly is a people pleaser and didn't growl at me when I was holding his food bowl... but he was not fed in the presence of the other dogs.


Basically, no matter what, scaredy cat is going to get super socialized. But, what do you think? Do I have reason to be concerned or am I just paraniod due to past experience?

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DH and I just picked up an 8 week old bc X cattle dog cross as our new foster last night.

OK, pics required.


It's hard to say how much of his behaviour is due to being removed from his mother and familiar environment and how much -- if at all -- it's due to a screw loose. Being scared of your dogs suggests that he didn't get much socialization with other dogs beyond his litter mates. If he's smart, then he'll learn to cope. It sounds as if he's already started to learn what's acceptable and what's not.

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I'm no expert. But I've heard of little cattledog pups growling. Cattledogs are tough buggers and some lines are bread to be particularly so. Also, cattledogs can be very people bonded, very protective of their people. I would continue to correct the unwanted behaviors.


I have a BC x ACD. The first year and half of her life she had a chip on her shoulder. Wanted to fight any dog the rubbed her wrong. But really she was just insecure. By age two she had learned fighting, or even wanting to fight wasn't worth it. She ignores most dogs. She is nine now. The first two years were very tough!!!



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If you think about it, he's only 8 weeks old so he'd probably be growling at his siblings if they "bothered" him and testing what he can and can't do. I'd keep doing what you're doing and see if he doesn't sort himself out with all your households help.


I just can't make a judgement on an 8 week old pup.


I've known a few cattle dog pups. IIRC they all seemed like tuff little buggers and quite hard headed about certain things. Still are as adults!


Thank you for all the hard work you and your DH put in to fostering. Nice to see it a family thing cause it's hard to do with out the whole family being involved.

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Thanks guys. He is still coming out of his shell. He seems to think he is a baby penguin and wants to spend his time between the saftey of our legs while we stand. Here are some pictures of the little imp.




Oh... everytime he has to potty he cries... that is my favorite part about him! No guess work needed... it will make potty training a breeze!

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When a puppy's first reaction to an intimidating stimulus (be it another dog, cat, or road cone) is to growl, thats a BIG red flag in my book.


But not necessarily a BAD red flag. Just one that may require more careful socialization, building of confidence, and a tad more work than the rest. Once he is settled, he may turn around a bit and start to emerge more confidently when confronted with an uneasy setting.


He is lucky to have found you guys, who will be able to socialize him properly in a household of dogs of various sizes and temperaments. :rolleyes: I dread seeing puppies end up in homes that have no idea what they're doing. For instance, this one lady brought in her 6 WEEK OLD yorkie puppy for it's first shots. I reached to pet it, and the wee thing flinched back, snarled and bit. The woman giggled. I did not. It was her first dog, she had no clue what she was doing. Instead of taking the training advice we gave her to heart, she went home and struck the puppy when it growled at other people. It began to bite her, too. At 9 weeks the puppy came down with an ear infection and had to be MUZZLED to have it's ears cleaned. At 12 weeks the puppy was dropped at the shelter for biting a child. I'm not implying that your little guy is this bad (NOT AT ALL!) ...just pointing out the dismay in seeing puppies in the hands of people who are just not ready for them. *sigh*


Good luck with him, and more pics pleez!!! :D

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Well I have a pup who's first inclination is/was to growl as well. Got her at eight wks. She is now almost thirteen weeks and we are seeing far less of this and many more submissive postures like ears back, smiley eyes, appeasing licks and body wags. Both mom and dad worked cows and are strong dogs. This pup has a lot of eye and is assertive. Total opposite to Colt, my 1 yr. old BC who is loose eyed, just as active, but a gentle soul from the get go.


So first thing I taught her was to Chill. When play was getting very rough and she was getting very growly and over the top I would say Chill and pick her up. First couple of days I had a tasmanian devil in my hands. Lots of noise, squirming and a couple of snaps. She actually has a very soft mouth. I would hold her and stroke her ears, her back, all over until she relaxed and sighed, then I would immediately put her down and they would resume play, but at a much better level. Took about ten minutes first few times. After a couple of days of this she would relax far quicker and within a week I just had to say Chill and both dogs would stop and relax, not just stop. Another benefit is I can grab her from behind and her reaction is to relax. I am all over this pups' body lots. Rubbing and stroking. She loves being touched now.


I would use the Chill word if she got growly with us if we picked her up which she would do occasionally or if she guarded me. She doesn't guard food or toys, but she was guarding me from Colt. I would say Chill Bea turn away from her and continue to pat and play with Colt. Didn't take long for the behavior to disappear. I still have to do it around other dogs if they are getting rambunctious with me. She intercepts immediately and growls. Everyone thinks it's so cute and yes it is, especially if the great big shepherd backs off, but it won't be cute in just a few months so I am nipping it in the bud. It's surprising how fast it is disappearing.


Like you I was concerned and got on it right away. Things like drop it and leave it and a good recall early on are doubly important I think as she thinks nothing of taking someone else's toy. Thankfully this little monkey is very food motivated so training is going really well. I am using more prompts and luring with her than I ever did with Colt because I want to get these things done quickly, but I am fading them very quickly with her to or I think I'd be in trouble. Got something, Lady? No, well I don't work for free; kind of thing.


NILIF is a way of life for her right now. She's really very sweet.

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