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Zoe accompanies me some days to pick up my husband from his office (we share a vehicle). Today for the first time when I opened the truck door she jumped in!! I'm so happy. In scary places she'd jump in the truck because truck meant going home. But at home truck means leaving, and she'd always try running away, I'd have to pick her up and place her in the truck. So yeah for Zoe! She also seemed a lot more relaxed in the truck ride this time, with her eyes half-closed and kind of dozing off (though of course only to come wide awake in a panic at any strange sound).


Plus I want to say YAY for dog people. The coworker in the office beside hubby's has a dog apparently who was also very shy like Zoe. So when I stop and talk to him, even walk in his office, he says a verbal hi to Zoe and then ignores her. Best thing possible for her, she does really well, just sticks close to me. No massive panic attack.

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YAY number three!

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