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Volcanic Ash and the Coast

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My husband, friend, Riven and I are going to camp out at Mount St. Helens in 1 1/2 weeks. I was getting stuff ready for Rivens first aid kit and it crossed my mind... what happens if the volcano starts spewing ash... I mean in the RARE highly unlikely chance it starts ashing, I know for humans wet a cloth and breathe through it, but what about Riven? Odds are we'd get in the car and sit till the ash cloud was thinning out, but I dont know what to do for Riven once we're in the car...


The mountain is closed to climbing right now due to volcanic activity. So, I guess this possibility isnt far off? "Currently Mount St. Helens continues to erupt a new lava dome within the 1980 crater. Although the eruption is generally quiet and does not pose a hazard to visitors in Mount Margaret Backcountry, intermittent emissions of steam and ash are likely." Mt. St. Helens


Also Im packin a kit for her for the Oregon coastline. Just around Seaside and Cannon Beach is where we'll be a few days. Any ideas on things to pack for her... I just want to make sure I have all ideas and all possiblities covered. Thanks!!!!

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It spewed a bit Friday.




You did see this part of the web site you posted, right?

( http://www.fs.fed.us/gpnf/recreation/curre...onditions.shtml )



"Pack stock and pets are not allowed in the Mount Margaret Backcountry."


Where, exactly, are you going? Does it fall in that area?


Says it again here, too.



"To protect natural features, pets and pack stock are prohibited in the Mount Margaret Backcountry."


Allie + Tess & Kipp


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We are going to Castle Rock, and right outside there. I specifically asked when I made the reservations with the Washington State Park service if dogs were allowed and she said yes. Seaquest park is where we'll be.


I understand we'll have to leave her in the car to stop at the visitor center, but we arent going to do anything but look, no movies, tours or anything like that. Most likely one of us will alternately be with her.


Im calling again tomorrow to reconfirm and I'll ask again then Thanks for making sure though!

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Dogs are welcome in almost all the state parks here in Washington State. Just was worried you were going to plan this big trip and get there then they didn't allow dogs in! Eek.


I've never been to Seaquest Park. According to the web site on the state park site, it is huge! Looks like you will have a fabulous time! All those trails... Wish I lived near that!!


Just keep your dog on leash, please! This is not just a dumb rule to annoy dog people. People like me go there with dogs on leash just so that they know other dogs will be on leash, too. I have a scaredy-dog (Tess) and she is far more comfortable in on-leash areas than off-leash ones (except the beach, where there is lots of room to get away).


I did have the last word once when some woman turned her dog loose to come and play with my dog (who so obviously did not want to play it was not even funny).


"Take your dog to the vet if it starts coughing," I said when the woman finally made her way over.




"Because my dog is contagious."




Which is why I took her somewhere that leashes were required, so that I did not have to worry about her getting anywhere near another dog. :rolleyes:


Yes, I am a leash rule freak.


Allie + Tess & Kipp


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Have you ever been to Mount St. Helens before?

I must say it is one great mountain - even if it does blow up every now and then!


This time of year around sunset/sunrise on a cloud free day it looks REALLY cool. We try to get up to see it (up close) at least once a year - amazing every time!


Have a great trip.

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I have clients several miles from there. I pass by Seaquest, Toutle and Castle Rock frequently enough to say that the ash should not be of concern to you or the dog. I have been not all that far away when St. Helen was spewing a little ash and steam. It is really fun to look at but of no consequence to the area you have described. One of my favourite views is of St. Helen from Silver Lake. You will love it! I hope you get sunny days so you can see.

By the way, we were around during the big erruption. Now that was ash to be concerned about. But the dogs were fine and lived to a ripe old age.



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I've been in ash rains a couple of times (one time here in Chile and one time in Mexico) and it isn't so terrible... unless you look up, what is institively what you tend to do when you feel something falling over your head and then the ash enter in your eyes, and then you do it again, just to be sure... stupid human animals we are :rolleyes: .


But if the ash starts to fall you wouldn't be wandering, you are going to enter at the car or house or tent or whatever you have. In my experience, is hard to see, but you don't suffocate. To protect the dog, with cover his head with a jacket, will be enough to prevent ashes to enter in his eyes.

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You guys are so helpful!! Thank you so much!!


Allie+Tess&Kipp - That is HILARIOUS, the idiot deserved the scare you gave her. I never let Riven off leash except in my back yard. Im afraid I'd never get her back. She is oblivoius (sp) to cars.. walks right in front of them.. yikes.


Dixie - Thats a good idea! Worth a try anyway!!


Kat - I've wanted to go all my life. Im so excited!!!! I cant wait, I hope it spews and has an earthquake big enough to feel... lol. Im horrible but I want to see it!!!


Muddy Bob - I was worried about the sun not bein out too. I saw the forcast this week is nothing but rain there... argh, I hope it isnt like that the day Im there.


Catu - My husband is from Guatemala. They have active volcanos a lot there, and he actually agreed with you lol. Believe me thats a big feat, he never even agrees with me! lolol :rolleyes:

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I think its time to change vets lol. I called earlier this morning and asked if there is anything I need to pack specifically in Rivens first aid kit. The lady said gauze and sterile water. I said what should I use if she gets stung by a jellyfish. She said let me ask the vet, and comes back and says the vet will call me back. So, 4 hours later, the vet tech calls and says "the vet doesnt know he says look it up online". -- I said, the vet doesnt know how to treat a dog for a jellyfish sting? And she's like no we dont deal with that here. lol.... Im like.. a vet doesnt know something that common. I mean didnt he go to vet school? lol


Or am I being too judgemental?

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