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I seem to have a new cat ?

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My neighbors are irresponsible cat breeders who let their kids do anything to kittens. Usually the coyotes eat them but, I seem to have one that wants to live here. It's a nice cat but, we are all allergic to some degree so it cant live in the house. I made it a nice spot in our shed complete with a small dog coop.


Now the dilema I would guess that the best option is to go over and ask for it. I want to get it spayed but, they may say no and then I'll just have it anyway as I've tried returning it repeatedly. What to do?

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Try getting Allerpet-C online. Can't remember where I ordered ours. But the best deals keep changing on stuff like that anyhow. It's called a shampoo, but you wipe it on the cat once a week.


My step-granddaughter is allergic to cats, big-time. She came over on the afternoon of the first day we used the Allerpet on Maggie. Hey, the kid is almost 10. She carried, hugged, snuggled on the cat - and her face developed a wonderful red rash to go along with her sneezing.


We have been using the stuff every Friday. Ardyn can now come over, as the whole family did for Thanksgiving, and sort of maul the cat the same way now, with no problems.

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Ya know what I'd do? I'd make and appt with the local Spay Neuter clinic, the kinda that do it for free. I'd round up as many of the cats as you can secretly and have em all spayed and neutered at the clinic.

That's what I'd do but I'm pretty bold :rolleyes:


I'd at least take this one in and have her spayed even if she just stay outside.

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