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Misty needs good vibes...again

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I swear this dog..at least she waited till I had a new paycheck this time instead of waiting till my funds were depleted to suddenly require a $400 surgery like last time! nope this time she waited till the day after I deposted new money right after she depleted me with her last surgery....to possably require a $500 surgery. :rolleyes: nice of her wasnt it? the problem? shortly after she came home from her dental while giving her a belly rub I noticed a lump under her 1 nipple, now since she had just been at the vets twice and they said nothing, I wasnt too worried but I kept an eye on it, this morning I was checking the lump and it felt differnt, as I was pressing it trying to finger it out, it suddenly felt damp..I was like "WTH?" sat up and took a cloder look, didnt see anything so I sqeezed the lump some more...and saw blood squirt out of her nipple. soo off to the vet we went...most likley it is a tumer and needs removed, HOWEVER she said it is also possable that it is an infection and that the meds she was on for her tooth, simply could not penitrate the mammery glands, which she said is quite likley with the meds she was on. soo since the removal is rather pricey, we are trying a differnt antibiotic first while apllying a warm compress and gentaly massaging the area to increse blood flow and help the meds reach the spot. she said if this is going to work, the difference will be noticable in a week, if no change after a week, then it for sure needs removed. so finger crossed please that its just an infection and not a tumer!

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Fingers crossed hopping for "infection" ....now isn't that just wrong! Good luck!


lol well the thing is that the vet said it feels a bit different then your average tumor, and while a tumor can feel that way, its not as common. that and Misty has a history of really weird injurys and infections, she has been on antibotics twice for different infections in the last couple months. since I cannot afford to sped $500 removing an infection, the vet said to try this first, if no change after a week, then we know for sure the $500 is removing something that actually needs removed.

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