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A Bit of Bragging About Alex

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Alex went to the vet the other day for her yearly exam. There were a couple other dogs in the office and she instantly was at my side looking for direction. After checking in I took a seat and the nice beagle was still investigating. Alex came and sat right between my knees. When the vet tech came out for us Alex greeted her appropriately. She had been warned not to look Alex in the eyes etc. I keep the vet updated on her issues and progress. Her exam went well. One of the healthiest dogs they have ever seen, thank God. They also discussed how much her demeanor had changed and how impressed they were with the trust between us. If she was unsure she would look at me. "You lead I'll follow". I hope and pray I will always live up to that trust.


She's so good with my little nephew. He has just turned 1. He was here earlier. When he cries she goes up and gives him a kiss. He's very interested in her. Probably because she is always moving and is 2 colors compared to the Labs. Now he wants to throw stuff for her. Obviously he hasn't gotten the hang of it yet. She is so gentle with him while he is learning. I am always close by when they are interacting and I have realized that she is fine. With no correction from me she makes sure her mouth is not near his little hands and in all situations she is aware. God Bless This Dog.




Esox & Alex

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Good job! It's great when you have a good day and can really look back and see how far you have come. Even better when other people who knew the dog "back in the day" can see the progress. :rolleyes:


My Buddy is also very gentle with tiny toddlers. They seem to have an innate understanding that the little ones are not a threat.



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