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Training a default wait at the door no matter who opens it.

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Wondering if I can fix this issue, Maya (6month old) won't dream of going out the door when I open it, she waits for her release. But I have three children and even though we have discussed IN LENGTH, not letting the dog out. It has happened a few times and Maya takes off into the woods for about 5min and comes back (obviously some recall work needs to be done also). She is not allowed off leash yet (50ft long line).


Is it possible for her to learn to not go out the door no matter who opens it?

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I don't think this should be an issue to teach, but I'm not sure how successful you would be at this age, and everyone in the house would need to be on board until she got the hang of the game. I would probably teach a place command and have a rug or mat that was near the door that she was taught to go lay down on until released. This way when everyone else was heading in or out the door she would learn over time to go to her place and lay until released. In time it could probably become an automatic response when the door opened for her to go to her place. I realize this doesn't help your issue with the kids not letting her out, that's one of the tough things with dogs, everyone has to be on board with training.

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You need to train lots so the door opening is the cue not the person - train with another person opening the door and you rewarding


You also have to stop her getting to practise getting out when other people open the door - teach the kids to walk out backwards or at least make sure they know where the dog is


Do the kids help with training?? you could get them all to teach a trick and be responsible for teaching everyone else how to get the dog to do the trick so they get more involved in training

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My 2 cents worth. Jin's been boundary trained since he was 6 mo starting with the car and front door. Before I give you the method it is worth to note that this is just boundary training and has nothing to do with sit, wait or stay. Do not use those commands during BT as they are counter to the training itself. Additionally if you have a very long boundary you have to teach the entire length of the boundary in door width chunks.


First define your boundary, tile to carpet, brass to sidewalk, any door threshold or expansion crack in a concrete joint as in a garage door or driveway.


Place your dog on the side of the boundary you want him to stay and walk to the other side or through the door leaving the door open. As soon as he makes a move across the boundary chase him back. Nyahh, Nyahh get back. Let some of your frustration out. As soon as he's on the other side give him a treat. As long as he stays on the proper side give him a treat. If he crosses Get Back and chase him in. When you want him to come out put a lead on him and give him a release to cross the boundary. I taught Jin the front door in about 15 mins and the garage in a couple of days. His property line boundary is still being worked on but that's a lot of distance. He's good for the front of the house. Exiting the car is the same only use your body to block the door. Now when the front door is open Jin and Abby wait for a command to exit Abby first Jin always waits. Both dogs wait by the car and Abby in 1st then Jin. It's the same coming out. The command to get into the car both verbal and a hand signal.


It's a lot of fun with both dogs sitting there and people around and you say to the dogs, "Enter the vehicle properly" Like a gentleman Jin waits for Abby then follows her in.


Oh my what well trained dogs. (It's the hand signal), :rolleyes:


Do a search for boundary it's been discussed a couple of times in the past few months.

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