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Hope!? Don't make me laugh!!

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As some of you know, i am in the middle of a mange attack. All 6 dogs have been dipped and seperated.


Hope was dipped the same day i learned she had mange. She has been away from the rest of the pack since. She is crated or leashed with me away from everyone else. (about 1/2 every 2 or 3 hours)


Well today i dipped the remaining 5. They have all been seperated. (God i cannot escape the dog whines, both houses are echoing with the crys for freedom) I myself am worn out, I got paradip in my eys, nose, mouth, ears, and covered a good 40% of my body. That stuff is nasty stuff!


Anyway I started to rotate them in 45 minute shifts. Hope, because she has been locked away the longest gets first dips out being in the yard. I let her out, took a shower, brushed my teeth, and rinsed. I can still taste and smell paradip! (Darn unexpected shakers) I look outside expecting to see Hope running around playing but this is what i saw.




:rolleyes: I swear she is the mellowest BC i've ever met!

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Yeah, I agree. She probably doesn't feel well, and the dip could be making her feel worse. Once the mange is gone and the dipping done, I'm sure she'll perk up.


I just love her. I'm so happy you're taking care of her.

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:rolleyes: Senseless errr um Jo heheh she is around a year old.


I'm sure she will pep up once she isn't so itchy. I really look forward to having all 3 of the BC's able to play with eachother. I know my two will help teach her how to play. :D

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