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Rhapsody on a theme of Meg

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I checked. It has been 22 months since I've been on the boards. I looked for a recent introduction/re-introduction thread and not finding it, decided to let my greedy need to pour out some of this emotion loose on you all. Who better?


My bright-eyed, sweet-hearted, split-faced ball retriever will be 4 yrs old in a few weeks. While contemplating this, I had a sudden surge of emotion - my 'chi' rose like a volcanic plug. Soft panicky thoughts - "Not much longer to have her companionship"......"what will I do without her ten years from now..." Being of a generally strong mind and constitution I slapped myself back to reality and looked at her beautiful form sleeping beside me on her pillow while I typed. My Meg.


She didn't pick a very trainable human, and she did pick me - she wasn't a rescue. Her father even gave his consent by peeing on me while I held her for the first time. Meg was the last born of the litter, a monkey of a climber, a little fearful of everything but humans, and not willing to buy into the idea that food is a treat. When we brought her home at 8 weeks she was the same size as our three month old boxing feline fluff ball and the two of them seemed to have agreed from the start, that they would do the Tom and Jerry Show when we were looking, but curl up and tell secrets to one another when we weren't.


She crate trained well and developed a keen sense of what is hers and what is not, but it took two years to housebreak her completely, and we have never succeeded in total recall. Meg drags a very light cloth leash the two hours she runs, plays, landscapes and explores full tilt everyday. I have a pocket of tricks to recover her when she is being willful and my two loving outstretched arms for her to return to when she is momentarily tired. She will defend me against bears and mountain lions and spring robins, but approaches all people and other dogs in submissive mode, until even the slightest bit encouraged to mock bite their cheek or run for a ball. When truly scared, she hides behind me. In urban environments we have her on a pinch collar, in parkland she's on a 30ft retractable leash. With the exception of an emergency down, Meg is too much like her mother to snap to a command with the air of a professional - she is simply perpetually a bit of child. Cesar Milan would not approve - especially not of my husband and I freezing under bits of bedding because we don't have the heart to push her off our end of the comforter. When I announce, "Night, night" all three of us race downstairs tripping over each other to get the best spot on the bed. Vacuum cleaning is only allowed on the day of the week she goes to doggie daycare.


Just now she is at the top of the stairs, pricked ear, wide-eyed, watching the cat with a grin on her face. They are plotting their next escapade. Meg is only 35 lbs to the cat's 15, it just doesn't seem fair. While Meg sleeps in her living room soft side crate the cat closes in on her, and then "POW", a slam straight down on the snout. I can almost hear her saying "Princess, my fluffy butt!". They fly... if it weren't for the gouges in the maple floors I'd swear the two of them never touched the ground. Blue streaks and whizzing air.


Meg knows the names of all of her toys and trots around like a four month old puppy with her tail curled gaily over her rump recpveromg them and putting them away when I ask her to. She uses squeaky toys, her piercing stare, and several body positions to have discussions with me. She even tells me jokes of a sort and we bargain. She is never far from me and can not stand not be included in just about anything. I cave more than I should - the look of disappointment on her elegant face cores you like an apple. She is so beautiful. Shinning everything.


I have never known any animal to be as loving as this dog. From early morning and late night belly kissing and mutual snout rubs, to jumping up into my husbands arms and pressing her forehead against his to welcome him home. While not a couch 'cuddle bear', she is extremely sweet and indefatigably playful with everyone. Here she comes. She will stop to lick my knee on her way back to her pillow. My Meg.


Its nice to be back here. Hello everyone.



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Welcome back, Heidi! What a delightful description of Meg! I loved reading it and was giggling at times, recognizing my own soon-to-be-four years old boy (it's next week - bitter sweet milestone), especially in the dialog with squekies.

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I loved your description of your wonderful furry family. Also glad to read that I am not the only person who looks at my dogs and momentarily gets choked up with the knowledge that someday they will not be in my life. Welcome back.

I just did that today. Looked into those soulful eyes and told Scooter he had to promise to live a good long time. He'll be five in December. The years are flying by way too fast...I miss him already.

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Welcome back Heidi. I think I have been gone about that long too. It's amazing how fast time goes by. My Black Jack will be 4 this December too. I wish they wouldn't get older.

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