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advice on loose leash walking

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Brody has now been with us a year and half and I think he might be ready to take his Therapy dog test. I think he will be a great candidate for visiting nursing homes etc. He loves attention and always has a big goofy grin when greeting people.

I have taken the test with my other dog who has just retired from a kids reading program so I am sure he will be fine on the test, except for loose leash walking.

He does not tug just maintains an even pressure, we don't spend a lot of time on leash so it has not really been a problem to me, but I do want to to be able to volunteer with him. So improve we must.

He will heel on leash, we just need a good steady loose leash walk where when I turn left or right he follows.

Any advice or techniques.


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Practice, lots of walkin. Let him know his nose can't wander ()leave-it) and that a tight leash never goes where he wants to.

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Lots of leash walking/varying speeds. do some "about face" moves and be interesting so he knows you are in charge of the walk and he wants to stay with you. You really don't need to use lots of treats to do this if the dog is interested in being with you. Like desert ranger said" tight leash does not go where he wants " This is just a start...you really don't want the dog to be super attentive to you when you are visiting. But you know that already!

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