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BARF diet anyone??

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does anyone feed their dogs the BARF diet or similar? I think its similar to raw. Does it sound any good?


I would like to change Abbie to raw but i dont know what to feed her. She gets bones often (currently cant have any coz of her tummy) but we mostly feed her supercoat kibble and natures gift tin food. She is fussy and doesnt like to supercoat kibble much. so i thought as well as being better for her she might actually eat dinner if it was nicer.


Has anyone heard of the BARF diet? Or what sort of things do i give her if i were to feed her raw?


Thanks anyway.

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Here in the US it's generally refered to as the RAW diet if you search the archives you should be able to find several threads in reference to feeding raw. I have have been feeding raw for 8 years now to 3 bcs ranging in age from 13 yrs to 5 yrs and 1 aussie age 7yrs. I would recommend reading up on feeding raw before jumping in. Although its not hard its a good idea to know what you are getting into. There are also several Yahoo groups for raw feeders if you do a search there. I would recommend you buffing up her system by feeding plain yogurt on a regular basis for a couple of weeks be for switching over. Most people switch from kibble to raw cold turkey, kibble one day and raw the next. The best meat to start with is chicken as it is fairly benign. Feed wings, backs, necks starting with one type at first and then gradually adding other types as time goes on. Once she is fully integrated with chicken you can try adding another type meat slowly. The key to feeding raw is variety in moderation. Some people add raw pureed veggies to the diet, some do not. Meat types include buffalo, venison, chicken, beef, pork, fish, emu, ostrich ect. Organ meats are good to heart, lung, kidney, liver ect. All meats/veggies or suppliments should be human grade

Hope this little bit of info helps you on your way!

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I feed one of my dogs a diet similar to the BARF diet. He is doing very well on it.


When I was getting ready to start switching him, I read a book:


Raw Dog Food: Make It Easy for You and Your Dog by Carina Beth Macdonald


I recommend that book to anyone who is interested in feeding a raw diet. It really helped me have the gumption to make the switch.

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