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Until recently, I used to run with Chemukh about twice a week or so. As I'm still out of Chile the transition to leave her has been almost soft, but I'm afraid by what is coming once in home. It would be very, very difficult to run alone... or I could not go to at all and become fatter and fatter :rolleyes: .


Auca is almost 5 months old, my question is, when I can go to run with her? I mean, a (very much, to be honest) soft trot of about 15 minutes. Not real sport, but to keep some kind of shape. I'm not talkin here of how much exercise she needs, but of how much exercise I NEED and if she can come with me

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What surface would you be running on? I'd say on grass/dirt will be MUCH better than concrete. Most recommendations are to let the dog set the speed and distance until 18mo, but then again I knew someone who claimed his 6mo Aussie liked running 20 miles/day next to his bike, and I doubt that was good for the dog's joints...

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