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Poppy hogged all his dog food apparently and then was nice enough to deposit it on my living room rug.


Seems feeding them separately isn't enough.


Pepper was hanging around Poppy when was eating (just sitting there innocently watching) and he ate a little too much....ugh. My fault for letting her. I thought they were ok...lol.


Anyone else's pups do this?

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If Dazzle sees the shih tzu (only one of them) she will eat like mad. And sure enough it tends to come out a little while later.


They usually eat in seprate rooms because those two still are a bit on edge with each other around food but if Dazzle just sees the little shih tzu face she eats SOOO fast!


BTW, if your dog always eats to fast a way to slow them down is to shove an object (usually a tennis ball) down into the middle of their dish so they have to eat around it. Sadly, with these Border Collies they sometimes get smart enough to take the ball out but it still works! :rolleyes:

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Surprizingly, no. Zeeke has object guarding issues - with humans. With Zoe however? I've seen her walk over and stick her nose into his dish under his and just start eating. He just acts like she's not even there.... and sometimes will just stop and walk off. O.O And he is definitely the dominant one, he's always standing over her, pinning her down in play, just basically making it clear... but he has no issues with food.


So anyways to stop the little pig from eating her meal and his as well, we have to lock them in their crates until they're done.


And the only one who pukes? Is the cat. Yuck.

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Natalie Im right there with you. My cat pukes when he thinks he's not getting fed enough. If he can see the bottom of his bowl, he cries and cries till I feed him. Then, convinced he'll be starved he eats and eats, then pukes a bit later. Dumb cat.


Riven doesnt eat if the cat is around in case the cat wants it. I gave her a piece of ham and the cat took it from her. She looked at me like... ?? lol I took it from the cat and gave him a small piece and gave the whole piece back to Riven. She is so food passive.

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