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Well I have an agility dog! Yup thats right and true blue agility dog. Whim and I went up to Saratoga Springs NY this weekend for a USDAA 3Day trial put on by Y Agility. 8 Classes over the weekend 5 ribbons 3 Q's! Whim was such a good boy dog for his first outdoor trial. Right now it seems the 1st class of the day is a kind contribution to the host clubs coffers right now until Whim gets his head in the game. I am so chuffed with him though! He blew only 1 contact the whole weekend and took correction for it quite well, he only knocked 1 bar too but that was my fault. He kept is stay at the startline perfectly everytime, got all his contacts but that 1, and worked with me like a champ. We ended up with a 1st & Q in Strs Standard, !st and Q Strs Pairs and a 3rd &Q in Strs Snookers, The other three placements were 2nd in Strs Standard, 3rd in Jumpers. Onward and upward to even more fun next weekend with a NADAC trial in store!

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