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  1. I do believe that some dogs come more "wired" to be thinkers, but I also think that the handler and the method of training can have a big impact on whether the dog continues to be a "thinker" and remains willing to "try something" or if we accidentally turn them into "push button dogs", waiting for our instruction before every move. I know I have been guilty of "micro managing" my dogs in the beginning - before we even went to sheep. Thank goodness someone showed me the error of my ways and reminded me that border collies are smart - so I try to let them think now :-\. I am working at ma
  2. Hey Pat - CONGRATULATIONS!! That is awesome and I'm so happy for you and Whim. Hope to see you guys soon :-)
  3. Angie H


    Oh Sue.... I just logged in after not being here in a while... I'm so sorry - he left you way too soon and I know it hurts. He had a wonderful life with you and don't you dare beat yourself up about not doing more...I'd love to come back as one of your dogs! My best to you and your family... Angie & Binx
  4. Hi there little Dan the Man!! Boy has he grown since the clinic! He's absolutely adorable.
  5. Binx is a total sheep s#@t and will work for anyone that leads him to sheep....that is quite fortunate for me since I am so green. This allows me to have people that know what they're doing help my dog! I do have a couple of friends with a "one person dog"; those dogs will only work for their person/handler....I'd be in big trouble!
  6. For a long time I had that same "I've always admired Border Collies but I don't know if it's the right dog for me and I don't know if I can provide the right home". The more I researched the breed, the more I second guessed if I could "handle" the challenge. Since I too was not sure if I could do right by the breed, I began volunteering for Border Collie Rescue (MABCR). I spent every Saturday cleaning kennels and handling dogs, I fostered, trained, etc. I "knew" it was the right breed for me within about 2 months of research and handling exposure...they are like no other breed I've ever k
  7. Hi Sue! Are you coming too? We met at the December Kathy clinic...it was my first time going into the pen with my Binx dog and you veterans were so supportive . We're still plugging along, though we did not get much training time over the winter due to the short days and some foul weather that messed up our Saturday lessons...too muddy for a young dog (and also for a green handler!). I just wanted to say hey and I'll see you at Sarah's in April!! Woo Hoo! Angie & Binx
  8. I don't log on often, but when I logged in today and saw this, the tears welled up as if I knew you personally...your stories and comments about Ben are always so nice to read. I'm so sorry Becca - Ben was a lucky boy to have you, and it was very unselfish of you to let him run free again. angie
  9. Oh my goodness - NO, Jade is NOT FAT! She has fuzzy butt...it's cute - not weird.
  10. I just want to vent for a moment about a topic that really bugs me...please feel free to share your own experiences and opinions. It seems that an awful lot of people like to "label" a shy or fearful rescue by saying that the dog must have been "abused". I'm not sure of the reason, unless it might be that it makes people feel good to assume that they saved this dog's life by rescuing him from a horrible situation...Well, if he was homeless - you still saved his life - why does he also have to have been abused? I can't tell you how many people (including my family members) come into
  11. I would tend to agree with this "in general" observation - obviously, dogs are individuals and there are males that are bitchy, and there are females who have no space issues. But as a whole, in my experience, I think females tend to be less "touchy-feely" with humans too. Not to say they are un-affectionate, but the boys tend to be up your butt affectionate! LOL! I have a house full of male dogs, and recently brought in a 7 month female foster BC....she set them all straight in about 3 minutes flat! She was showing ugly girl face (big toothy smile) to any dog that stepped into her circle
  12. I think it varies with each individual dog. Do you mean it curls up on his back like a young puppy - ALL the time or when he is playing? At 7 months, Binx's tail was usually carried low, especially if he is "thinking" or working stock, but when he is playing or happy to greet someone, it still goes up sometimes.
  13. Hi beachdogz, Just thought I'd add my 2 cents to let you know that I tug with my BC in Obedience class....Actually, my instructor recommended it to me after our first class. My dog was 7 months when we started the class; we started out in advanced (I put the basics on him at home - I adopted him at 6 1/2 mos old). Anyway, Binx was great at doing what I asked, but you could see him about to melt with all of the new stimuli (he had never been in a class environment, much less being asked to do new things that required concentration at the same time!). I still use treats for some
  14. I assume you are referring to desensitizing exercises, but what does LAT stand for?
  15. Thanks for the insight...we are taking a break while Nancy is at the Nationals and I was a little uncertain if I should have someone else work him during these 2 weeks, but it sounds like there is no harm in just taking the time off since he is so young. We are both very anxious to resume though!
  16. That's about an hour from me and might be do-able on Sunday...what tiime?
  17. Binx's were fully erect at 5 months and they tipped a tad bit here and there between 5 and 7 months...Now they are back to looking like bat ears!
  18. I'm curious about the opinions here on how often you think is enough and often is too much to work a young dog (8 months). Of course, I will go with whatever my trainer thinks is appropriate, but I have heard all kinds of opinions already since I'm so new at this. Some say he should only go to sheep every other week or so, and others say that if he's keen and is working then he should be worked regularly - at least 2 or 3 times a week if possible. What have you found with your youngsters? Do they burn out from the pressure if you work them too much when they're young? Do they do bet
  19. Does anyone have any recommendations for agility trainers or classes in my area? I am having a terrible time finding something within 45 minutes from home. I'm only about 15 minutes from the Delaware line and maybe 20 minutes from Oxford, PA. I've tried using internet searches for Agility in nearby areas with no luck. Maybe someone on this boards knows of someone or someplace that is not well advertised...just thought I'd take a stab at it! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  20. Binx doesn't lick everything, he only licks...MY FACE!! But he's really good at it and has learned how to torture me with it. If we are playing and I call him up when I'm in the big floppy chair, he will jump into my lap with all 4 feet and lick my whole face as I am flailing and trying to avoid that cow tongue of his . It has become our ritual for ending ball games in the house.
  21. Oh I'm sorry to hear that...Hang in there and try to stay positive Binx is sending lots of good vibes and border collie mojo for Buzz
  22. I don't know how to delete the post, but this link might help with uploading your pics... http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showtopic=15714 HTH!
  23. Yes, I have one of those "What do you want?" dogs. He is my first and what's really cool is that he is also quite the "thinking dog". It's the best of both worlds. He uses his "what do you want" moments mostly on my husband. I guess he figures I'm constantly teaching him what I want, and it's more interesting to probe the quiet guy in the house!. ETA: Oh yeah, and he also has that silky hair that you described. How old is Ted? I am always wondering if the silky coat will last or if it will change when he's older. Binx is almost 9 months now.
  24. You aren't mean or alone, that is exactly why I'm looking for other training tactics. The problem is that I want him to play... because it gives me a quick way to burn off some of his energy before I leave for work in the mornings - but I will only do it if he plays by my rules. We clicker train in the evenings or we have classes, so that pretty much ensures that he settles in the house and he sleeps well at night. The mornings are where I need to cut corners and fetch has always worked wonderfully with my other BC's...what a booger head he is!
  25. ROFLOL - THAT is exactly what he does! The moving the ball around AND the lying there like we're on break....Sigh... Though I do like the idea of the towel placement holder...maybe we'll try that angle next.
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