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Hello, my name is Cherrie and the picture is of our little border collie, Jody. Jody will be ready to come home on June 20. While I have had several dogs, this is our first BC. There is so much knowledge being shared here. I was hoping to get some advice from all of you.


Maybe I should tell you about Jody's new family. Jody will be my 15 YO son's dog, with Mom (me) as the backup caretaker. My younger son is 12 and he has a golden retriever named Bella who is 2. Bella is really laid back. She loves everyone she meets, so I believe (hope & pray) there will be little if any problem introducing the 2 dogs. We also have 2 cats, Junior (7) & Julia (1). I am a little worried about the cats and the border collie. Hoping very much that we will be able to train him from the beginning that the cats are absolutely off limits!


My husband is disabled and stays home most of the time. Even though he can't walk the dog, he talks to her and plays with her. We have about 5 acres for running & playing, however Bella isn't ever allowed outside without supervision. My sons or I always walk Bella and we'll follow the same rule with Jody. We also have daily off leash play time out in the yard. We will crate train Jody. Bella is crate trained, but now the only time she ever uses it is when she goes to Grandma's for a visit.


I have read lots of the posts and it seems like there are things that can go wrong with a BC that I never even thought of! I want to do my best to get him off to a great start, so I've taken the whole first week that he will be home off work. He'll have the kids home from school until the end of August and my husband will still be here once the kids go back to school.


So...What do you think are the most important things I would need to differently with our BC pup than I have done with other dogs in the past?


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Another puppy picture!!! Must not look....I'm getting weaker....DH suggested we get another Border Collie the other night. I thought he was kidding, but turns out he wasn't! :rolleyes: OY!!

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Hi! Welcome to the boards! What a darling new pup you will be getting.


You will find lots of valueable advice here on the boards.


I have never had a dog other than a border collie so I can't really give you a basis for comparison. But they are wicked smart and will soak up new tasks like a sponge. That being said, be careful not to encourage any "cute puppy" behavior because it could be hard to change that behavior when the pup is older. Also, consistency in training is important with any dog.


Good Luck! :rolleyes:

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Welcome aboard. I can think of several things. First of all your new BC puppy is smarter than your kids, no kidding. They learn fast, have imagination, can figure things out (ability to reason?). They can be non-stop balls of energy as well. My suggestion is start with some basic obedience at home until all of his puppy shots have taken effect then find a really good starter class for him and your son.

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