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snoring Border Collie


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I'm gone until Tuesday, so hopefully you guys can sort this out for me by then :D I don't think this is emergency at all.


8 year old Dinah has started snoring. She doesn't appear to be in any distress other than she keeps changing her sleeping position more than usual - and that would be about once or twice a night when she normally stays on her bed all night.


It's *loud* and it sounds like she can't get a bit of air. Sort of like me with sinus trouble :rolleyes:


She has no nasal drainage, no eye drainage, and she's very fit. Her teeth are in good shape and I can't see anything in her throat to cause this. No problems with stamina at all. She's sleepy in the AM unless we are going to work, but that's normal for her. She's not a morning girl LOL


The local vets are very low caliber, so I can't go in without being prepared for the direction of testing this needs to go. Especially since it all sounds very funny - haha you have a snoring dog etc. , but I know it's not normal for a BC to suddenly start snoring like a bulldog.


Ideas and information suggested. I'm thinking I want a chest and head xray to look for problems there for one...

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I would go ahead and pursue that sooner rather than later (not an emergency though). I can think of a few nasty things it could be, and even the "treatable" conditions can be a bear when in the nose (as far as cost, time).

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I have a snoring dog. She's the least fat, but she's always been a snorer. If this is a new behavior I might be watching to see how she's positioned, seems like when raven snores she's more curled up. When she stretches out it's less noise. My DH is a big snorer. I notice it's more if he lays in certain positions, those tham might constrict his throat more, like curled up = more snoring. I watch him stretch his head out like he's looking up while he's sleeping and the snoring gets less.


But again, new behavior.....can't hurt to check it out.

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Well it's getting worse. Now she can't eat without putting her food down several times a meal to making snoring noises to breath.


We made an appointment with a new vet surgeon in the area - Dr Martin, retired from UV vet school where he apparrently was a 4th year instructor as well as boarded in several areas. Basically it s ounds like has an excellent rep. If anyone knows otherwise, please pm me!


The holistic vet nixed the idea of going ahead and doing xrays locally because she felt the specialist would want his own views and we've had trouble with really poor film quality from the local vets (she's 6 hours away). Doc S is not an alarmist, but she's worried about nasal carcinoma :D Dr Martin's associate that took the history by phone was worried about fungus. He**, I don't like either :rolleyes: Can't we just have allergies....I can deal with allergies :D


Thanks for the suggestions.

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