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O/T - MY new toy :o)

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I got a nice new toy delivered today, a gift from an AOL chat friend.......a brand-new Mac G5 dual-processor tower computer! I haven't got it set up yet, but hope to find out what it will do, in a few days. 2X 1800 MHz G5 processors, 15 fan cooler units, CDRW, DVD-ROM, the works!


Apparently, she bought it for her "Other Half" to manipulate photos, but, being locked into Windoze PCs, he doesn't like Macs. She knows I use Macs and love them, so I got it - for the cost of shipping it only!


Cowabunga! (or similar)


(getting ready to rock and roll!)


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He He I love Macs. :rolleyes: My fiancee is a PC person, though he likes Linux so is not quite locked into the status quo.


My current puter is a G4 - I love how it works and the picture stuff is a bonus lol.


I've noticed that people w/ Macs can flex a ton more when it comes to switching b/n Macs and PCs, but it doesn't usually go as well if you start w/ a PC...there tends to be more cursing! :D


Have fun w/ your new acquisition!

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Can you find me a friend like that?


As for "what it will do" - uhm pretty much anything you need it to. Those 15 fans are designed to run really slowly most of the time so you rarely even hear the thing except when it's booting up. You could run email and websites for most of the population of the Orkneys on it and still not notice much of a hit while editing your dog snaps and checking BCBoards (which, face it is the only real reason any of us have computers at all)


Have fun!



(who has more Macs than mutts and more mutts than sense)

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Snorri, Congrats on your new mac! We are also a Mac family...emac and imac. Someday soon hopefully upgrade to a G5. I was previously a PC user, but I am adjusting to the mac. So do you also have a ipod and do you ever let your humans use it?

Kari...Kits mom

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