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  1. I have been thinking of you, I am sooo glad your baby is alright! Take Care! Kari and Kit
  2. When Kit gets exicited she does the same thing, snaps at my face. ( She is not growling or aggressive) Its funny how BC use their mouths to communicate feelings, or what they want. In her obedience class the instructor told me that when she does that, or puts her mouth on me that you should hold onto her muzzel and squeeze lightly ( that is what mama dogs do to their puppys when they want them to stop ) I give the command "No Bite". We are still working on it...Remember to wash bite area very well with soap and water and apply neosporin lightly over area. The nurse in me... Kit and Kari
  3. Hi again Woof 99, I also try to see both sides, and I like discussing issues. And it is always fun having a debate with a Canadian . "What I do find though is that there are many people that I have met that obcess about certain rights they have, and that these rights are very important to them and they don't want laws to come and take these rights away, when if you really look at it, the rights they are holding on to are archeic and if these new laws came to be passed, nothing would change in their everyday lives." Give me an example.... I am thinking about Gay rights and marriage....HUGE issue here in Minnesota! I believe that people are people regardless of sexual orientation. Hmmmmm ....Should I stop now or dig myself a little deeper!
  4. Wow! What a great family you are for taking him in! !!!! You already have BC's correct? I am guessing he will do great inside and love the attention, but I would take it slowly. I cannot wait to hear the progress! Kari
  5. Kit has sleeped in her kennel since we got her. Our Old English beside our bed, free to walk around at night. We decided to let Kit out of her kennel last night. Oh Boy! She jumped up on the bed gave thousands of kisses, jumped down, up, down, up...you get the picture...back into the kennel. We thought we would give it a try. Just wondering if any of your pups are able to sleep calmly through the night beside you?
  6. Hi Woof99, I will start off first by saying my husband is Canadian and I am American. We went to Montreal for our honeymoon about 2 years ago. I was taken back by what I saw walking down the street. Mostly homeless children, I am talking YOUNG children. The prostitutes were preteen to teen. Also elderly begging for food and money. I saw the same in France and here in America. You stated: " I am always fascinated by the U.S and SOME (please understand I am NOT saying that all americans are like this) of your people and the almost obcessive need to fight for things that do not affect you're everyday life." It affected my life to see what I saw in Montreal. It affected my life when a friend of mine was put in a Turkish Concentration Camp and a gun was placed to the head of each of his family members just because they are Kurdish and educated. It affected my life when Saddam excuted his brother and told him if someone from his family did not volunteer to be a suicide bomber they would kill his whole family! He was very young when this happened. Thankfully they escaped and an AMERICAN MARINE saved their lives. He is now a Pharm-D, which he worked his way through school. ( No! Our government did not pay). Did you see the movie "Hotel Rowanda" ....too bad the Canadian Government was not supportive. How can you be relaxed when Genocide occurs in this world, Aids, Polio, Hunger....Maybe if the world started caring a little bit more...think of the possiblities. The problem is people are getting hurt.
  7. I give my dogs C.E.T. HEXtra by Vibac Animal Health. My Old English use to have terrible breath but this has helped a lot. You can get them from a veterinarian. They have Chlorhexidine Gluconate in a beef raw hide. I have used greenies also and had asked my vet. They stated it becomes a choking hazard usually with small dogs that dont chew up the product completely. Also when owners do not by the correct size for their dog. ie...they want to save money so they buy smaller size (more in the package) and then they swallow the greenies whole. Here is the link to Vibac, they have a whole line of oral care: http://www.cetdental.com Kari and Kit
  8. Deb and Allie, Funny timming on this topic! Kit and Eddie were at obedience class and I guess they were tired out. ( a bc tired...yeah right) Anyways my kids started giggling about Kits long tounge. I did appear extra long, but I am also a first time owner of a BC. The pictures above are great!
  9. OHHHHH they are the cutest puppies I have ever seen! You are going to be one busy mama! Are your dogs indoor dogs? Mine are, we have 2, our BC and a Old English. When the weather gets icky and they don't get out as much it is a racetrack indoors It is alot of fun. Although the kids have made a game out of seeing how much BC hair they can find in their waffels in the morning! ENJOY! Kari
  10. Dixie Girl, I am sorry you feel personally attacked, everyone here has the right to their opinion. The great thing about this country is we can voice our opinion. You have seen some very tragic things with your profession which is unfortunate. Many who have written have also seen tragic things, as we have read in many of their stories. We learn from these events and hopefully take a little insight and knowledge from them. Many have seen dogs and humans killed. That has a great impact on people for the rest of their lives. These stories were shared with us so that others can learn from their experience.
  11. Julie, THANK YOU so much for sharing your stories! I am so sorry about your high school friend. I don't think the general public realizes how often accident's like you described above happen. My original post, my letters to several newspapers, were intended to make people aware. The more people are educated the better decisions they can make.
  12. Miztiki, I have a feeling Boyden will do just fine in the hospital. ( Just watch out for the slippery floors) You don't want another 6 weeks in a cast...or have Boyden in one for that matter! He will sense how he needs to behave. Too bad humans don't have the same sense Make sure he wears a lead apron. Good luck on your x ray! I wish you a speedy recovery! By the way, you realize that now that you have had such an injury you will be able to predict the weather, you will feel it! ( Well thats what patients tell me anyway!)
  13. This post has brought up many other topics and opinions. We may not completely agree with each other but it is nice to know that we can express our views freely. I believe it brings tolerance and understanding to both sides of an issue. Hopefully we can agree to disagree and learn to respect each others values. Nothing in life is black and white, there are many shades of gray
  14. FYI, I asked a trooper the following and here is his answer: Question - Now that spring is here I have already seen dogs in the back of pickups loose, going down the highway at 60-70 mph. Last summer it was children. When I called law enforcement I was told this is not illegal and that there is nothing law enforcement could do about it. If there is a seat belt law in Minnesota why does this not apply to children in the back of a pick up? Also if a truck has a load that is not secure and things fly out causing a driving hazard I have heard the driver could be fined. Well I believe a dog jumping out of the back of a pick up at 60-70 mph would also be a driving hazard could a Trooper use this law to pull someone over and fine them. I don't want to be the one that accidentally hits the family dog, nor do I want my family injured in the process. Would like your feed back. Thank you for your time and risking your life to keep us safe. Kari Kari from Albert Lea, MN Hello Kari, The seat belt law doesn?t apply to the rear of the truck, because the vehicle was manufactured with them in that location. I totally agree with you, this is not a safe place to have anyone or animal ride. Leaking loads are against the law, but I can?t tag someone because I think their vehicle might have a leaking load, it has to happen; so I can?t tag someone if I think their dog might jump out of their vehicle. I have stopped vehicles where I saw the dog was flopping back and forth when the vehicle would make turns, and told them that they needed to do something so their animal wasn?t being thrown around in the back. I guess you could say that is being cruel to animals. It could easily break its leg by being thrown around like that. I know I wouldn?t do that to my dog, I love them too much to see them hit and I would never think about putting someone I love back there either. That comes down to choices. I know they now have safety belts for the dogs, which I have seen many people using. Wish I could help you out, for again it comes down to people making the right choice. Thanks for writing and take care! http://www.hometownsource.com/trooper/2006/March/29dogs.html
  15. For those of you with working dogs, I completely understand that they may ride in the back of your pickup, that is your choice, BUT it doesn't make it RIGHT! I also know if a farmer treats his animals well it will be to his benefit. If you lose your working dog because of an accident, it is your time, and training that will be a cost to you. I know it would also cause heartache to loose a friend that you work so close to. Please understand if someones dog falls out, it could kill the dog and along with it my family. If you think it couldn't happen you're wrong, talk to any trooper, vet, er nurse or physician. As for the anti-goverment anti -law comments, think of this definition of AUTONOMY: "my right to swing my fist ends where your face begins". Michael and Kari
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