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How hot do your BCs get?

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I've never met another dog who needs more water or gets as hot as my Clover. She *must* have her bottle of water on her crate at night and even when it's cold she has to have a fan in front of her crate. I can't keep a sleep pad or towels or anything in her crate because she gets too hot. If I forget to do any of the above then she'll actually wake me up at night because she will pant so loud. Sometimes, especially in the summer I'll have to give her ice cubes or a trip to the water dish in the middle of the night just so she can cool off enough to sleep. It's never affected her bladder though (even though she'll drink a lot she'll never wake me up to pee at night). She has plenty of fresh water during the day so I know it's not that she's trying to get all her water at night.


Has anyone else experienced this??

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Hmm... I looked up the symptoms of both diseases and she doesn't have any of them other than high water intake (and remember she can still hold her pee all night). I will mention it to the vet next weekend. I guess I've just chalked it up to the breed since she's so high energy anyways.

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Popcorn was like that, and believe it or not it was due to whip and hookworms.


Any excercise had him running for the waterbowl and gulping water. Once worming was done that changed-he is not like that at all anymore.

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