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Anyone use an underground/radio fence with any success for a BC?

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I haven't so I don't really know the "upside" of doing it, but there are more risks that don't come with solid fences:


Dogs easily stolen (I know some people that had that problem :D )

If they get out (like chase a cat), they can't get back.

Doesn't protect from OTHER dogs or critters

And it is a pain to put in by yourself! :rolleyes:


We did do it for the Shih Tzus a long time ago, but I never really liked it that much. But, it CAN work with BCs if you want it - just be aware of what can happen and so you can make sure you don't have a problem.

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We have used IF for over a year with great success.


But, please observe Kat's dogs possible problem areas. Scout is very sensitive, we went through the whole training process (several weeks), and he doesn't spend time using the IF unsupervised. He avoids all boundaries.


One more thing to watch out for... Scout rode in my dad's truck, just on the property, and my dad got too close to the boundary and Scout got a zap. He hasn't gone near my dad's truck since! Remember to remove the collar if you are going close to boundaries, or leaving home.


Also, the cheap fences do not come with the helpful stuff the more expensive do. For us, the safety features of the more expensive original Invisible Fence have paid for themselves.

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I haven't had a problem with Jack going through the "fence" because he was chasing squirrels, tennis balls, etc., that's part of the extensive training that you must follow. My cats have watched in disappointment when a chipmunk scampers across the line to safety, but they know not to pursue him. (Judging from the little carcasses left at my back step, the chipmunks don't learn to stay out of the yard.)


One thing that I've noticed since my cats have been on IF for 5 years is that my big, black 8-year old cat became extra territorial since she could no longer patrol the cul-de-sac. Any cat who sets foot on our property is in for a showdown with Lucky.


We live in the city limits where the leash law is enforced and I just don't have a problem with other people's dogs coming in my yard. I don't leave Jack out when I'm gone or can't monitor him, mostly because I don't want him barking and being disruptive.

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I use one for my Aussie/BC, It works great, She learned quickly where the boundaries are and doesn't go through it. The only time she is outside unattended is a quick potty break, otherwise she is in the house or we are outside with her. I wouldn't leave a dog unattended in an invisible fence.


We are unable to fence our backyard due to a creek running through it, this has been a great way to have some security for our dog.

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Goes through our creek as well, and three driveways. One of my favorite features of our fence, is that it has an indicator to notify you when its down. This was especially helpful with the construction on my parents' house next door. We had to re-splice three or four times (they will come out and do it, but it costs like $25.00) I say we, but it was dh, I have no idea how to do that!!

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I have 5 acres so IF was the only economical way to go to allow the dogs full access. Training is KEY!! Can't emphasize that enough. It really makes the difference. My BC won't chase ANYTHING across the line, but my GSD/Chow has chased a coyote thru it (couldn't really proof that one :rolleyes: )


One other thing to note is that my BC has NEVER been off my property except via car. Whereas my other dog was originally allowed off the property on foot. I do believe this makes a difference. So if you can, that's the best way to ensure success. If you have take your dog off property on foot (for like walks) then make sure you follow the instructions on the whole putting the leash on and only crossing at the driveway with leash and leaving the collar on (but turn off system) so your dog knows it's only safe to leave when leash is attached.


I trust my BC 100% not to cross. I trust my GSD/Chow about 90%.

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We have used the Invisible Fence for several years without any problems. Actually now we just put the collars on with dead batteries and they don't seem to notice.


We initially got the Invisible Fence because our two girls were digging under the fence - digging trenches big enough to bury someone of a very large size!! - and since we had the fence and did the training, they do not dig along the fence line. Now we do get holes in the middle of the yard but that's fine!


And we kept it on the lowest setting as to only alert them to the fence being there and they immediately turned away from the "zone".


I highly recommend Invisible Fence - they've been great with repair work (when my husband cuts the line forgetting that it's there!).

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