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I can hardly wait! After 2 years of not competing I am getting back in the saddle again. Since I retired

my aussie boy Riley, I've had to go cold turkey and live vicariously through my daughter and her girl Meg, as well as working the scoretable, scribing, timing or gating...just cant stay away. In 2 weeks my baby makes his official debut, at my clubs NADAC trial. Just doing Tunnelers and Touch and Go 2 runs each but thats plenty to fry a baby agility pups mind Im sure. Hes a great little dog w/lots of potential. so hopefully his brain wont totally melt. This weekend we're participating an a training seminar w/ Sue Tovino, an excellent handler/trainer here on the east coast, and all around nice person. Next month we debut in USDAA....


(sings: Immmm bacckkk in the sadddllee aaaggain!)

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Z just debuted at a USDAA trial before Christmas and we had a blast - learned a lot and saw some "interesting" behavior (ahem*zoomies*ahem) that was new for her - but had a blast nonetheless. Z's got a leg in both Gamblers and Standard (and even Qd in PVP Jumpers which is roughly 2 levels higher in difficulty that where she's competing!) now, so i wish you the very best with Whim's debut!

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